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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Goodness I need a rant!

If you said the same today or recently, please feel free to rant it out down in the comment section below :)

I need to rant!

I am such a not a social animal, and I am still learning the art of trying to be a little bit social and learn the art of diplomacy, a spelling I know and a meaning I know, but the practice of which eludes me.

I can't think and analyze and weigh my words and thoughts and then speak...I feel, I speak...simple.

Which means, most of the time it does not really please those who aren't quite pleasing me themselves.

I am going on and on yes, but you see, there is this really chronic case of me not being able to suffer fools or those who are pretentious, who behave as if they know all even if they are making a mistake, or those who try to judge without knowing anything about who you are, or try to tell the world what to do instead of minding their own business. I hate those who try to be nice in front of you when they need something done, and then will happily put you down in front of someone else to get another favour from them instead.

And I cannot stand those whose brains went for a walk and never returned....

The pressures of handling such creatures I tell you!

And I tell you and I rant!

Which means that I generally cannot stand most people, and am barely ever interested in knowing more people, and am happy in my tiny bubble wrap of a space, and in my kingdom of books and dreams and writing.....

Maybe I need to run away to the beach soon (and stay there?)

Want to rant out still? Go ahead and do it :)


- Debolina Raja
And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

- Debolina Raja