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Monday, November 21, 2016

That Underwear Ad I Don't Want To Watch: The Chaddi Thrust I Don't Want (All Puns Intended)

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Okay, so most of you know I don't really watch any television at all, neither on the idiot box nor on any screen (phone, online, whatever). Yes the only TV I did watch was Roadies, but ever since the horrible and so amazing Raghu left, sadly, so did Debo, moi, leave as an audience. And there .... that was the end of my idiotness in front of the box.

And you can see I'm already rambling.

Point is, of late I did catch quite a few movies in the theater, and one thing that really irked me was this particular ad by an underwear brand that seems to be playing over and over again!!!! If you're a female, there are chances you're smirking at me, thinking something is really wrong with me. Trust me girl, there's nothing absolutely wrong with me, and my sizzle factor is always on full mode. Sorted? Okay, let me move on.

If you're a guy, you're probably agreeing to the fact that an underwear ad featuring men is so yuckies! You'd any day go for the ones with those voluptous ladies, and the condom ads with a certain sunnily placed female, right? Well, I actually think they are quite, ahem, right on point there ;) Don't get ideas please anyone. With due respect to everyone and all preferences, I still have my preferences straight, at least for this lifetime.

I don't honestly remember the name of the brand. However, the story features 4 menfriends who are thinking about that amazing childhood when they would dive into this water body and have fun, even as a helicopter hovered above and left, with the kids waving out and splashing about in the water. Cute. Till then.

Now, they have of course grown up to be 'men,' and hence their assets need to be shown off, beautifully preserved in this particular underwear. All 4 decide to meet up and yes, because as children they waved out to the helicopter, they are now the ones inside the helicopter, taking a joyride over the exact spot where they were frolicking in the water. Hmm, just wondering, what about those childhood trips to the zoo? Ever thought about going back and imitating a monkey outside the cage, I mean, you did do that as a kid too, no?

So the men are sooooo happy being there, and of course they have to dive and splash about in the water and whatnot. Very good. Do it. Done.

And then they emerge. And how. And let me take a moment to, no, not ogle, or faint with amazing sights, but to remove my eyes from the screen and realize how disgusting that emerging moment was!

Ohhh the shudders....

As a female who likes the other gender a lot, and has no minds to change her preferences in this lifetime, I absolutely found that chaddi thrust unnecessary and unappealing. I'm sorry to the models, but honestly, it felt as if the men were begging and saying "Look at me, I have big ones down there, pleeeez, one look, pleeeeeeez... If nothing else, pleeeez use that as a plus point to look at me."

You may have all the grey cells up there dude, but what that ad did to me was the absolute opposite of attraction. I understand if a female was to do that, like bobble up her goodies up and down in a lingerie ad (fancy na how this word immediately makes it sound better than an underwear), most men's eyes would shoot up to the moon and back (listen, I know you thought of something else shooting up too, didn't you, naughtiness quotient that you are!) ;)

But for me, this bobbing up of the bubbles down there just did not work. As a female audience who claims to have at least a teeny tiny amount of grey up there (don't even ask me of the latest hair colour I used after freaking out on the blo*$$#y new grey hair that appeared), I would really love to see an interesting piece (no, not of your asset) of ad that manages to keep it real and ogle-worthy, and not make me want to turn the other way and have a brain puke moment.

Do it boys to men, go make it happen! And the day I see that (the ad you perv!), I'll come back and talk about it too ;)

- Debolina Raja

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja