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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tales From The Lift: May I See Your Tattoo?

So this is the new tattoo I got and yes, it's a cover up tattoo, to remove all my scars and those memories I choose not to associate with any more, but to give me my new ones instead. 

And that is exactly why I did it. And yes, I know my earlier ones have been pretty dainty, and each one has a special meaning and story and each is special to me in its own way. And I know there will be more. 

But as yet again, it never ceases to amuse me the many reactions that I get from people, known and definitely random ones too, on seeing me sporting a, or, multiple tattoos. I love getting amused and I sure will love to keep on getting amused ya ;) 

So the other day I was waiting to pick up my kiddo from the school bus and was reading a book - Neil Gaiman by the way in case anyone is curious - and this lady was walking past. She did take a look at me reading (and I know this coz I was also looking around to check if the bus had arrived, in case you also thought I was just showing off my intellectual side by holding a book just like that ;) And then, just as she was about to walk past, she saw my big arm tattoo and then slowed down and gave me a look - a once over rather - looking at me from head to toe and then looking back at my tattoo (I'm assuming here that I do look good and she was dying of jealousy lol, that's why it's called wishful thinking haha)...... So yes, no surprises why she gave me 'THAT' look. And she finally walked away.

Coming back to why this story is part of my #TalesFromTheLift series, the same day I met my 'Lift Man' let me call him now - you all who've been reading about my Lift series know him pretty well by now - he's that regular lift creepo and frustrated d%ck of flesh that I keep talking about.

So yes....

I was waiting for the lift (what else) and Mister Frustrated Paunchy Soul makes an appearance. And sees the tattoo kind of, and says - "Wow, you got such a big tattoo? Did it hurt?" 

Those of who you know me like really well, like the non-sweet Debo who is just Debo, please read this with that expression you know for a fact I gave him back (and if you can't picture, there's a huge pic of me below, I am trying to show off my thin face here actually) 

So yes, I looked at him and said - "No, I don't cry with pain. Didn't hurt."

Lift Man: Can  I see it?
Me: No, it's personal.
Lift Man: But it's on the arm, how can it be personal?
Me: It's my arm

haha.....go get lost...

- Debolina Raja

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja