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Monday, March 14, 2016

Girl About Town: I'm 30 But I Don't Show It (Put Your Hands Up In The Air And Shake That Booty Now)

Well I'm gonna literally laugh my ass off now, or may I say the tunes of LMFAO and the ongoing rhythm that goes on in my head in loop mode which sings and shouts out loud - I'm more than 30, make it a brand new 35 now as I just turned so, but I know I don't show my exact age. Go green you.... ;)

And hello, just wait (if you've been with me for some time, 'scuzaahhh moi, I mean if you've been with me on the blog for some time, not what else you may be thinking btw), you also know I keep saying o hello a hell of a hello lot....this is not going to be an ad for a beauty cream or one of those who-knows-what loaded pots of miracle magic potions that are sold in the name of 'Oh my god you're about to be 30 or god forbid 30...SO USE IT' pots of piss.... na na na .....

I'm unabashed about announcing my age to the world, and to hot boys and to beauty queens and to snobby bi#$%S....I don't care really...It's a number no? I've declared it many times on the blog already....and I've even shared about it with anyone I've met who has shown any inclination to be 'interested' in the quotation mark know what I mean....

And hey, it's fun to see those reactions.... I mean, there IS this huuuuge thing about crossing over to that sad and nearing death and end of life phase which is all of your 30s and beyond... at least to most.. I won't say I didn't feel it..oh yes I did..the day I turned 29 (when was it now?? I absolutely forget, maybe its the post-30 old age syndrome is it?!) I was absolutely not focused on my birthday, but instead on the one that would come next year...the 30th...gosh I was dreading it.... But the day I actually turned 30 I was zen....I mean I did turn 30, big deal, and it didn't feel any different, and I didn't feel any different...I was still the same me....

I always get this from my immediate family and friends..always -
Debo, when will you start behaving your age? - I'm still searching for that user manual and the guidelines that are supposed to tell me how I am to behave at 'my' age
Debo, why do you always have to go out and party? Can't you stay home and sleep? - No, I'll always sleep less if it means I can party more, and more, and doesn't matter if its club hopping or house parties, as long as the company is the one I love
Debo, if you have time to party and go out with friends, why can't you join our kitty party? - sorry, I have no answer to that, I just can't
Debo, what have you been using? Your skin doesn't look like you are over 30. - no chemical laden products, I am all into DIY and keeping it simple
Debo, how much makeup do you use? Your skin doesn't look like you are over 30. - ya I loooove makeup but I barely use it...but I am a self-confessed lippie addict for sure!

So there, the typical reactions when anyone learns I am 30 and sees me the way I am..... I have stopped caring and giving in to others' ideas and perceptions a long time back now...It's not really worth living my life based on notions others have and in the process forgetting myself...there's a void that never fills and maybe this is my way of filling it and living up my life...

So it was absolutely amazing to meet two amazing people the other day....happened quite by accident and chance, of course me being the me I am I had to put my butt in someone else's matter and that is how I found them I winks no goofy grins and no goofy smiles, I am happy I did.

The beautiful part of it is that both these guys, or should I call them men (no, I'll call them boys actually, in a good way, not in that college boy way, I absolutely cannot do babysitting), are over 30, and boy they do not 'look' it.....I mean, there is no manual that says you should look a particular way when you are over 30, but look around you and you will know what I mean.

Once you cross 30, you almost give up on life, losing yourself in the daily monotony of life, living a life that is dictated by routine and home to work to home and being dead tired and behaving serious and forgetting how to laugh out loud or smile or be silly or be crazy or be you or party or dance or dance silly or laugh out so loud and do such crazies that people look at you and shake their heads and say oh my god whats wrong with so and so.......and that is actually the best and funnest part.....!!!!!

So when I met these amazing people, I realized not all was still lost about me and I was not the only mad one around here...I realized there are still such amazing people out there who are thought of as aberrations, and I also realized all over again that all that others want to do is to change you or tell you how to behave. I value space, mine and others', so it's very difficult for me to understand this constant need to change someone or to tell them a certain way of doing things that confirms to you.

I know why people behave the way they do when they see people like us - I do get low and down when I hear all these complaints and accusations against me, of trying to be someone who wants to show my age down and hold on to a youth that as per them is way past me, but I know that all they are going through is mad jealousy and anger. They are simply unable to understand how people like us can still manage to have so much fun and so much zest for life. How we can manage to be silly yet smart at the same time, how we can be contained yet uninhibited at the same time, how we can carry on whatever it is that we do and yet have so much to give to ourselves and back to life, and how we can live each day with that attitude without buckling down under pressure or without changing ourselves to fit in the mode.

They will never understand, they will continue to be jealous, they will continue to not get it and get angry over it, they will continue to point fingers and accuse and tell us we have no hope..... They will..

And we will continue to live...and be our chosen circle, with the people who matter, and make memories and happiness......

To you know who you are :)

- Debolina Raja
And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja