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Thursday, January 28, 2016

I'll Take It All And Go

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I’ll take it all and go
Lock them all inside me

My demons
My fears
My past
My present

All of my future that I am supposed to have some day
But that which I don’t know if I want to see
If I can be around to see
If I will have the life in me to be around and see

All I want to do is lie down
And sleep and sleep and sleep
Without a care in the world
Without waiting to hear what you or them have to say
Without waiting to see what you or them have to do
To me

The mask comes and stays
But it gets harder to put it up each morning and take it off at night
When the lights are off
When no one will see
When the emptiness won’t leave behind the stains

I am tired I can see
But I am not sure how much more I will see
How much more I can
Or want
For its easier to give up and lie down

And rest…..

- Debolina Raja