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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Girl About Town: Felt The Creepy Vibes Anyone?
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I think I have a strong case of getting the heeby-jeebies! I mean, I can literally feel those negative and creepy vibes coming off people in so many cases. And no, if you've been following my #TalesFromTheLift series or my #GirlAboutTown series, I don't mean those ones necessarily.

I've always had trouble connecting with people, as in with everyone and everyone. You really need to have something up there and some love and compassion in your heart for me to be able to connect to you, you know. All those fancy gizmos and wheels and brands that you load up in may work like magnets for others, but in my case, it just helps to give the exact opposite reaction.

Of late I've started feeling these vibes even more. I mean, it may have something to do with my own fears and confusions, maybe, but I just genuinely and truly truly seem to pull all the creepy vibes to me. Oh, its so confusing!!!!

So suddenly people will want to get all friendly and nice and sweet, and want to know more about me and my life, especially as I try to shut it all out and keep my space to myself. Does it somehow have a
secret code, that when you want to keep things low and to yourself, there is bound to be a bigger interest in you and an even greater increase in unwanted attention? That when you try to clear out and declutter your social media, there is suddenly a barrage there of new people and things?

I have just been feeling uncomfortable around people of late, some of the people that I have known for some time, and especially some of the new ones that keep popping up. I have a reputation of coming across as rude and snobbish and high-handed, and I am glad people always confuse my introvert nature to be does help...So maybe, for now, I'll just let people think what they do and stay away from me.

Whoa....did I make any sense whatsoever? Guess I'll soon start a new series titled #GirlRanting !!!!! ;) 

- Debolina Raja

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja