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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tales From The Lift: LIZZY Boy !!!!

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If you read the title, which I'm kind of guessing you already did, you really know that that's all there is to this Tales From The Lift  series and that it will even be enough if I leave it at that..

But let me continue...

So as usual I was heading out last night to my night walk, which is one of those hours that I really look forward to each day, an hour and a half of non-stop walking and loud loud music in my ears, that time when I switch out everyone and everything else.

So I was waiting for the lift and was queuing up some favourite tracks while listening to some already. The lift arrives and I get in without looking anywhere, alone and happy.

And then the doors closed.

And they actually closed.

And I was alone.

In the lift.

With him.

As I looked into his eyes I realized he had already been eyeing me, and he was looking at me with that dedication that said he was just that much into me, and not at all interested in what was going on around him.

I knew I had to look somewhere else then.

I knew I had to tear my eyes off of him.

But I still wasn't able to.

It was as if he had hypnotized me.

With that unblinking stare, the look that told me it was only me that mattered to him then.

I could feel my heartbeat rising, my pulse was already racing like there was going to be no tomorrow ever again.

Had he followed me in?

Was he stalking me?

How did he know I would take the lift right at that moment?

I couldn't breathe then, even though I was trying, and his eyes were all that I could see.

I knew then that he had me hypnotized, completely.

And then the doors of the lift opened.

There was no one outside, and as I was trying to run out, I could see he was making a dash for the door too.

But I managed to escape. Finally. From his grasp.

I knew I was saved last night.

From him.

From being eaten up alive by him..... the lizzard.....

Ohhh someone help !!!!!! 

- Debolina Raja Gupta

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja Gupta

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Girl About Town: No Woman No Bar No Cheer Ladies

"It is an unwritten code that a woman standing alone at a bar in India is looking to hook up" said someone who is a part of the F&B industry, a keen observer, a reader of people's attitude and someone who is an insider to the world that revolves around revelers, singles who are out there to enjoy their own company, singles who are looking and people in general who go out to have a good time and by the time that time is up, are either going back after having a good time or giving someone else a bad time. Depends.

Did I agree to the statement? Was I angry? Did I take it the right (or wrong) way?

I was appalled, upset, angry, feeling misunderstood, feeling that my basic right was being given an entirely different angle, feeling really really bad. It felt that my simple pleasure and freedom to go out, enjoy a drink and some music on my own, without needing someone else to come up to me and make small talk or do those beery-leery rattles that rattle me no end, was being snatched away from me.

I was not angry at the person, I was angry at the code of conduct that is supposedly in place.

And after having spent quite a few evenings out on my own, with my own company, just enjoying myself at the bar, I have come to realize that there is actually some (or maybe quite a lot) weight in what that statement is all about.

It is ridiculous no doubt.

I have forever been the person who never likes to sit down at a pub or a club. Call me hyper or bursting with energy or what not, but that is not the idea. When I head out on my own to a bar, all I want to do is to enjoy the music, stand at the bar and check out the different drinks that are being made and the way the bartenders make magic with those flowing liquids. I love to see other couples happy and dancing and looking into each others' eyes and doing those mushy things that are oh-so-cute but are maybe past me now, those wonderful people who sit together and chat the night away. I enjoy the feeling that I am there with me, relaxing for that moment, letting all else float out somewhere else for those few hours.  

Friday, October 16, 2015

Tales From The Lift: Eye Spy You!

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It's been some time I came out with some more tales from my very interesting lift. Not that there haven't been instances, huh, imagine! ;)

Just wondering, what all would the camera in my lift have to say if we did give it a chance to speak out? Nice thought na? ;) hehehehehehe

Well well all you lovely and probably crazy people who still keep coming back and reading what I write (I love you all so much for doing that you know!!!!) everyone, that is everyone who sees me or knows me, knows that I am kind of a nut case, the one who is beyond any hope of repair, the one who has not a care left in the world and the one who won't really listen. Bang on, of course they are right!

So I was just wondering about the many perceptions people have of me, and not going to alllll the ones that they have (I am so lucky to be given a host of options you see) but some of the most common ones....

So it is that I am a night bat, a mad cat (just for the record I love only dogs and cannot stand cats though), I am the one who makes the watchmen in my building jump out of their dreams and their seats at 3 in the morning, banging on their windows to open the gate quickly quickly quickly, even as I stand jumping up and down on the road, I am the one known to go out late late late and return home even later later later, I am the one known to walk walk walk when everyone else seems to be coming back from their walks and going home to get cozy, I am the one known to be rude and arrogant and snobbish and someone who does not at all like to be approached for a quick hi, whether I am out on my walk or out at a bar having a good time with myself, I am the one known to look through people and react as if I don't know them, I am the one known to go all out and confront people, no matter who they are and no matter what others around me may advise me.

I am the one known to not have any rules......

My lift knows me too though....

I am the one who is fidgety, who is wary of strangers and known people alike, who loves to chat and talk and not stop at all but still finds it difficult to look in the eye and talk, I am the one who loves to go out and dance through the night, the one who can spend the entire day sitting at the beach, looking out at the waves crashing, feeling happy and relaxed and sad and desperately alone all at the same time, I am the one who loves to always have music in my head, I am the one who is claustrophobic and always looking up at the camera in my lift to feel assured that if I get trapped then maybe someone will come and rescue me before it is too late, I am the one who will give out a smile the first time to someone I know but will be very wary and shy the next time on if that smile was never returned and will try all that I can to turn into a shadow the next time the person is around.

I am the one who has all the positivity in the world and the one who has no hope.....I know I have turned utterly mad....I can tell you that...

But I love the fact that there still is so much sanity in this insanity!

So long my lovelies......I hope you stay happy and healthy and have the good fortune to have loving and caring people around you.....

- Debolina Raja Gupta

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja Gupta

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Keeping Your Elderly Loved One Safe in a Nursing Home

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The concept of a joint family has been around in India from as far back as one can think of. It's only from the last generation that the nuclear family has finally made its way in the Indian social system, and not without coming under the scanner for a lot of 'preconceived' notions.

Conventional Indian families (read joint families) have criticized the concept of nuclear families in India, blaming the family members of blindly aping western social practices and ticking such Indians off as people who are not ready to take care of their extended family, including their parents, and shirking responsibility.

Of course being born and brought up in a nuclear family and living on my own now in a city where I have no relative at all, I have never felt it a selfish or easy choice. Sure it is important to adapt to the changing times, and our lifestyle and work requirements have taken us away from our families for some time now. But I still do not consider this a situation where someone can point a finger and say we are shirking responsibilities.

In Indian families, you see, even if you live in a nuclear family, your parents almost always come and stay with you once they are retired or old. It is not the norm to let your parents stay on their own, and letting them choose to live in a home for the elderly will almost certainly make you the black sheep, one who will be the center of gossip everywhere.

My parents are retired, my parents are old, but they are living on their own in a very happy and independent way, in a different city from mine. I personally do not know anyone whose parents live in a home for the elderly, and I don't even know of anyone who may know someone whose parents or a family member has lived in a home for the elderly. So it was quite interesting for me to read this guest post, again by the wonderful Landon Biehl, and see how convenient and nice it can actually be for senior citizens if they wish to stay in a special home.

To each his or her own, but if you are planning to look for a special home for any elderly member of your family, please make sure you go through this post to find the best and safest place for that loved person to be.

Guest Post
When daily tasks become difficult and living alone proves to be too dangerous, it may be time to help your elderly loved one make a decision about his or her future. For many seniors, moving to a nursing home is a common next step. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that about 1.5 million residents live in nearly 16,000 nursing homes across the United States. Nursing homes provide a variety for residents with all kinds of needs from medication monitoring to memory care to occupational or speech therapy. While moving an elderly relative to a nursing home can be a stressful and overwhelming journey, there is also a sense of comfort and relief knowing that your loved one will be cared for by knowledgeable staff.