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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Girl About Town: Why I Threw The Guy Out Of The Pub

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So of course after all the sudden and unwanted attention that comes along a girl's way when she is alone at a pub, there are some amazing talents out there who just take that form of unwanted attention to an all new level.

If you are not a regular reader here and did not read about my interesting experience at the bar and the episode about the 'unwritten code' you may want to check that out too ;)

This time I was happily single and happily on my own at a table. The music was good and so was my drink, and I was happy watching others dance and groove and was enjoying the smiles and the evening unraveling.

So suddenly there comes this guy and just comes and stands at my table, no drink in hand coz I realized within seconds that he was already out of his mind drunk, and the 'hero' came and stood right next to me, even as his very decent friend was trying to get him out of there. I could see the friend was already embarrassed, that he could see I was not amused. And then??

The moron does an SRK pose, with his arms going out on both sides and singing along to the English tracks albeit with an SRK pose !!! He surely doesn't know which Khan camp I am on, else he may have tried a different pose, just saying ;)

It went on for about half a minute or so, while I told the guy to move away and that I was not getting amused. The pose was going on and then the guy decided to get even closer, at which point I got up, ready to push him off when the friend finally managed to pull him away and leave.

I got back to being with myself and was just getting back to the mood when the guy came back again, this time alone. I knew what my reaction would be, so I gestured him to stop right there, while he was still a little away from where I was sitting. Of course a no or a gesture that means no is quite incomprehensible to most guys and they have a hard time deciphering the same.

So alas the fool came over.

And then Debo got up. And asked him to get up and get out. And held his hand and walked him towards the door. And glared and shouted. And people started staring. And women smiled at me and smirked at him. And guys stared him and looked at me with weird eyes that said they were contemplating what this mad woman would do next.

And then as I went out with the guy and the staff and some of the bouncers, I gave him a piece of my mind. And told him that I wanted to push and slap him but I was sparing him that humiliation as he was already facing a lot of it.

And his response?

'But you can't slap me or push me na?'

And my response. "Of course I can. I am just still trying to be polite and in control here."

And his response again. "But you know I love you and you love me too, so you won't slap me."

I guess I should just do a facepalm and leave it there......

Of course he was thrown out ;)

- Debolina Raja

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja Gupta