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Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Brand New Myntra Ad That Happens To Also Have Lesbians For The First Time In Indian Ad History

As an ad that has taken the virtual world and even the news and print media by storm, this delightfully delectable short film version of an ad does deserve all the credit and love that is garnering. The ad that I am talking about is the one titled The Visit that has been produced by Avishek Ghosh of Hectic Content and has been currently doing the rounds as a virtual ad for Myntra.

I will not get into the right or wrong about Section 377 and whether or not the Indian system needs to wake up to something - we have all done it to death by now, and I have already spoken my mind about it on various platforms. I know that those who sit with that leash of power out there somewhere already know what the thinking woman and man in India feels about it. But alas, we still do not have the power to really make it look as normal as it already is...then that's a story for another post here someday.

Coming back to the ad, it's beauty lies not in the fact that it shows two girls who are in love and are willingly choosing to be with each other. For me, it's beauty lies in the fact that no where during the ad do you feel that the makers have tried to capitalize on it. In fact, you can rightly say that it is the exact opposite - where the makers have 'come out' with what they feel is something very normal, that should not be raising any eyebrows, and that the couple showed in the ad are as regular as the so-called man-woman relationship, and that it just happens to be that instead of a man and woman being together, it is a woman and be it....

A quick chat with producer and editor Avishek Ghosh on the thought behind the ad....HERE

You can check out the ad HERE

The beauty of the ad also lies in the way it has been shot. As you start looking in on this young pair, you do not yet realize that they are 'together.' At first glance, it feels you are looking into a young home of two female flat mates who just happen to share girly tips on clothes, makeup, the right accessories and all those fun things that we girls love to do....It's not till you reach almost the end that you realize they are more than just roomies, that they are getting ready to start a new phase in life together, that they are about to go and meet the parents, hence the title of the ad 'The Visit.'

I loved it....and so did many many people from all over the world...The ad seems to have broken all records in Indian ad history, with YouTube views going way above expected and even unexpected views...making that tear in the sky with its immense reach....Kudos to the team for finally coming out with something that really needed a visual voice. 

- Debolina Raja Gupta
And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja Gupta