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Monday, April 13, 2015

The Weighing Scale Of Relationships

So what happens when people reach a stage when they are together, but when the element of their relationship just comes down to what one has done or not done for the other?

Maybe relationships are meant to turn into weighing scales, maybe they just turn so for some, while others continue to live happy and content lives, who knows...

The winner in a relationship, or on the face of it, finally is the one who decides to become the spokesperson for that relationship. Maybe telling friends how hard you have worked at it without your partner really putting in much, or how much you have earned and worked so hard while your partner maybe only brought in peanuts, or not even that, or how much initiative you take to stay together as a couple while your partner is just a cold and unresponsive person, with zero interest or love for you.

You may be the winner if you can call up all your friends and tell them how much you have toiled for it, while your partner has actually done nothing and just been there...that's all....You can also be the winner if you make sure every conversation you have with others is peppered with talks about how much you love your partner and how you have eyes for no other and how your partner is the only thought that's on your mind, 24 X 7.

Of course you will be the winner here, especially if your partner does not believe in discussing relationships in front of others or proclaiming love in front of the world without actually doing it in action with the partner for real. And you will also be the winner if you have a partner who never