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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What About Me? Do You Know Me?

Does my face look fine? Do I look okay? Do I look bad?

Have I put on too much weight? Maybe quite a lot, or maybe just a tad?

My shade of red lipstick, is it a tad bit slutty?

Do I always look ‘cute’, even though I may feel ‘naughty’?

How do I wear my hair, should I put it up or down?

Do people like what they see, or do they barely hide a frown?

Do they see the pain and the hurt, that lurks behind that red shade?

Do they know how bad I feel, when I crave the love that’s not there?

Do they know all the pains I quietly hide in my heart?

Maybe that missing moment, maybe a love that’s lost?

Maybe a sudden fright that I am battling all alone

Maybe the things I had then, but all that’s now gone?

Do they know how all the good things, I hold on to so tight?

That shine bright in the daylight but can quietly slip off in the night?

How the tears that stay hidden, behind those perfect put-on smiles

How all those insecurities smother me, when they sweep me in their tide?

How every single morning, is a battle just like another day,

When I try to grasp on to reality, but still try to dream it up my way?

The juggle that goes on, as a woman, as a mommy, as a me.

All the office work the house and the beyond, do they know me, do they see the real me?

What about me?

Do I know the real me?

Do I see her?

I am but just another woman…..

- Debolina Raja Gupta

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja Gupta

Thursday, March 5, 2015

India's Daughter Is India's No More........

Yes, there has been a lot of hue and cry of late, as India, or should I say, the Indian babu, has decided to turn our beautiful (yes, we still have that hope, don’t we!) country into a ban-pradesh (a country that bans everything, faster than you could wink that wink mind you!).

First came the beef ban in Maharashtra. Well, I don’t eat beef, not for any ‘specific’ reasons, but just because I haven’t developed that taste yet. And looks like the government made up its mind that it wouldn’t let me develop that taste either. So what about all those amazing eating joints that are so popular in Bombay (oops, sorry wait, did I just use the banned word Bombay when I should have said Mumbai?) and are always a big crowd puller? Or, okay, if you did decide to ban beef, what did the poor chicken do? Or the tame lamb? Did their cluckety-cluck or bleating not reach your ears? Or were you just trying to grab those vote banks and tuck them safely in your expensive babu suits, telling the masses that you were putting a restraining order on serving the ma of the country (yes, in India, a cow is considered a mother, yet so many daughters like Nirbhaya are…well….) while actually the truth is that it is bullocks that come under this act? The Maharashtra government already has a very old ban on serving cow meat and this time round, the political party simply played a smart move by saying they are banning ‘beef’ which was easily and majorly interpreted to be as ‘cow’ meat (smart na!).

Okay, that was a gastronomical issue…one that is definitely going to have many repercussions.
So now that we are done with the ma of India, the next topic – of course, the daughter of India, or, India’s Daughter.

How many of you have seen the offensive video that apparently disturbed certain ministers so much that they decided it was one of the most derogatory things they had ever seen and had to absolutely protect the public’s sentiments from watching it?

I have. And what I saw was something that made me realize exactly how important it was for the public to see it.

So what exactly is this documentary titled India’s Daughter about?