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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Judge Me..Judge Me Not....

Take the time to find out.

There was a time when I was crazy. I still am. But there was a difference to being a crazy then. The ‘then’ when I was called a youngster. I had an excuse to be crazy then. People around me would look at me, smile, amused, nod their heads with love and understanding and say ‘yes, she is young, she can do this. She will grow up. She will learn.’

I grew up. And I learnt. I learnt that there is a time to be crazy. There is a time to be fun loving. And then again, there is a time to love and re-love and re-learn. And a time when you can truly be you.

There is a time for everything I guess. A time when you won’t be judged as much. A time when you will be judged all the time.

But judged you will be.

So as the me I am now, the grown up ‘me’ mind you, I can be crazy, as crazy as I want to be, but I should do that in the confines of my space, within the walls, in a place where no one can see me.

I can go out with anyone I want to, with friends or friends of friends, who cares, but as long as no one