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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tales From The Lift: Do You Live Here?

Some weeks back I was in the building lift, dropping my daughter to school and holding the younger one in my arms. Other than us, there was a young boy in the lift, probably in his late teens, and another lady from the building.

It’s been more than one n half years now that we’ve moved into our new home, but I have still to know everyone in the building. Most times I don’t recognise people. No, I am not yet attributing that to age, but to the fact that while earlier I was chilling with my daughter while I was preggers and not socialising with the new crowd much, at this moment, I am socialising a lot, but with my earlier gang of friends, as I find people in my new building extremely boring. So the truth is I haven’t been mixing much with them yet.

Of late I have been, however, asking people in the lift if they are from my building and if yes, what floor and such.