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Saturday, December 13, 2014

How Much Is Enough?

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And the world is filled with them...or at least the world I know of......

I have always felt myself a very shy and introvert being - I am kind of a social recluse, I am vain (and even though I am contradicting myself here to the post in general, I will later explain on this too), I do not warm up to people easily, I find it hard to speak with people especially face to face and all in all, I am very selective about people who I actually want around me.

Of course social obligations mean I do pretend a lot...and I mean A LOTTTTT!!!! I smile, I laugh, I hug and I tell them how wonderful it was to meet them, when all I ever want to do is to get out of there and be somewhere on my own, or with someone else, listening to some good music, reading a good book, watching YouTube videos or even dancing the night away....the right people mean you can do so much and more while actually wanting to do so...

So coming back to the title, the reason I find it so hard to be 'friends' with just about anyone is the mental gap...I feel I live in a world where my existence is quite different from most. And maybe I am a weirdo in their opinion..

Most such gatherings are all about how much one has, and how that much is better than how much the other person has....

If you are wearing a dress it has to be the biggest known label from the best known designer, it has to be short, and if the other lady is wearing a shorter dress it definitely will not do. Also, no matter how slim or fat or ungainly you are, the dress has to be body hugging, whether or not your bulges are bulging out and threatening to burst your dress is another matter.

Of course you own all the possible items there are in the makeup section. And what better way to show them off than to use ALL of it at one go! And don't forget to cake your face with powder and talc and layers of foundation and concealer in the fairest possible shade. Who cares about what your skin tone originally is and how beautiful it might be? Unless you have a white face, read ashen or gray or outright cakey, you're not really that 'it' are you.....

My house is worth a crore, oh mine is 2 crores, come on, look at my latest renovation that now take my house's worth to a stunning 5 crores...mine is....mine is...mine is.....

This evaluation of one's house's worth is something I find really funny.....I mean, the only reason someone would actually be interested in your house's value is if you are selling it maybe, right? So what's the point?

How much do your diamonds cost, or how many diamonds do you own, what is the brand and of course value of your handbag, your watch, your shoes, your clothes, what was the latest 'phoren' destination you went to, how short a dress can you wear, how deep can your cut sleeves actually be, how much backless can your backless dress be, how much did you spend on your latest hair style ...... can never be enough, right?

I guess I will never learn...and I know these things will always continue to amuse me ;)

But I guess I am better off this way right? No. Actually I'm sure of it ;)

- Debolina Raja Gupta
And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja Gupta