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Sunday, December 28, 2014

When Paper And Pen Made Love

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I read an ad in the paper today. I’ve been watching their new set of ads on TV for a while now, and they are quite charming. This one was the one that grabbed the eyeballs for me.

It had to do with the concept of pen on paper.

Isn’t that charming? Well, if you know what that means that is.

Once upon a time there was a magic bond, a bond that grew between a rough paper and that pen. No, not just any pen you see. This paper and pen romance was more than just a scratch here and there, or a quick getaway. It was more classy and erotic.

There was once upon a time a time when stories were told on paper, not on a screen. The texture of the paper would be felt within your fingers. It couldn’t be too soft or the see-through variety, not much class in those ones. 

What I was looking for was some roughness, some coarseness

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tales From The Lift And More: Whose God Is It Anyway??

That's why I am an atheist! J.J, - I continually think it is so ironic that 'christ - ians' in particular accuse those of us who see Religions for what they really are of not being 'open minded' when in fact the main reason we are not 'Believers' is because we are 'open minded ' !

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Of late the lift and the lobby seem to be quite the interesting areas in my building...Have met many amusing and entertaining specimens there, not necessarily the types that I want to or do associate with. One such specimen who has been bumping into, or near, me, is the one with the 'Oh Gosh What Happened To You You're So Fat' one....remember him? I won't blame you if you don't. Even I don't wish to remember him...but.....In case you would like to refresh your memory though you could always do so HERE - this is the moron in the 'third' instance.

Well, so again this character sees me and walks up to me with a silly grin. I don't even know his name or which floor he is on, though we live in the same building...with some people you just don't want to know, right? Ya right.

So he walks over to me, again, and asks me silly things like my name and where I am originally from (why??) and all that bore me to death talks......And then he looks at me and grins and says ya I know you, I remember the Christian girl....So I'm like...huh? Christian girl? Who?

The moron: You (and please picture a pathetic smile along with that)

Me: Me? Christian? Wow...I didn't know that

Saturday, December 13, 2014

How Much Is Enough?

luv,luv, this !!!

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And the world is filled with them...or at least the world I know of......

I have always felt myself a very shy and introvert being - I am kind of a social recluse, I am vain (and even though I am contradicting myself here to the post in general, I will later explain on this too), I do not warm up to people easily, I find it hard to speak with people especially face to face and all in all, I am very selective about people who I actually want around me.

Of course social obligations mean I do pretend a lot...and I mean A LOTTTTT!!!! I smile, I laugh, I hug and I tell them how wonderful it was to meet them, when all I ever want to do is to get out of there and be somewhere on my own, or with someone else, listening to some good music, reading a good book, watching YouTube videos or even dancing the night away....the right people mean you can do so much and more while actually wanting to do so...

So coming back to the title, the reason I find it so hard to be 'friends' with just about anyone is the mental gap...I feel I live in a world where my existence is quite different from most. And maybe I am a weirdo in their opinion..