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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What Is Consent? And What Is Manipulation? Musicians and Fans: The Scandals That Rocked YouTube

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(*this image is part of a series of pictures that were clicked, showing the many excuses that a perpetrator uses to abuse his/her victim. This is not a quote in favor, this is one of the quotes that was shown to be commonly used for such crimes.)

Last week saw a huge upheaval in the till-now bonded world of YouTube. The issue being - open allegations by an underage fan of how she was manipulated and sexually abused by one of the most popular young musicians on YouTube, whose colored hair, quirky videos, crazy blogging and psychedelic music has got the whole youth in a tizzy. This said musician had been signed on by a YouTube popular music label that is co-owned by Hank Green, of VlogBrothers fame and also the brother of author John Green.

Since the allegations came out, there has been a clear divide, with some supporting the girl and cheering her for having the strength to come out and talk about her abuse, while others siding with the young musician and saying that this was not abuse, that the young guy had no idea the girl was not 'into it' and that the allegations are untrue.

An immediate result of the allegations, of course, has been the fact that the young musician has been taken off the list of artists from DFTBA records, and all his songs have been pulled off the site. So much so that the producers have also donated an amount to charity that helps victims of abuse, amounting to the profits from the songs of the said musician.

This is a trying issue. An issue that is not alone, but is not widely spoken about, and when it does come out in the open, leaves behind a lot of mess. Like it should.