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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bengali TV Serial's On-Screen Cruelty Towards Child Characters

As I was flipping through the channels this morning, I came across a really cruel scene in a Bengali TV Channel - the channel is ETV Bangla and the serial is called 'Ranga Mathaye Chiruni', which is a popular kids' poem in Bengali.

While I'm not aware of the entire background, the serial showed a little girl, of about 6-7 years, who stays in a rich man's joint family. Though she calls the man 'baba' (father), she doesn't seem to have a mother. Being in a new environment, the little girl is scared and sad, missing her mother (who I later learnt has recently passed away), and ends up wetting her bed. What follows is a series of events where the children of the house ridicule her and make fun of her, calling her names. I always believe that children can be real cruel. It's true! And then comes the woman of the house - scheming to punish the girl, make her 'show her her place.' She grabs the thin little girl and brings her to the dirty backyard of the house, which is used for washing clothes and is filled with moss and dirt. She throws the girl on the floor and heaps the wet sheet on her, asking her to wash it up herself.

While I understand that TV serials sometimes need to go over the top, it's really a shame that people in the industry have to show cruelty, especially towards kids, in such a literal manner. Constantly pushing the little girl on the floor, throwing her on the dirty floor, grabbing her thin little arms and shaking her up, boxing her ears, scolding at her, shouting at her......what's going on???!! Don't the censors have anything against such crass serials?

One thing I always fail to understand is that even though many parents like to ride on their little kids' shoulders and get their own minutes of fame by making their kids toil in front of the camera, no matter how small their age, I absolutely do not understand what kind of parents would day after day allow TV serial people to do this to their child. Do these little kids have no parents, are they orphans, or do TV industry people bring these kids from slums, promising a nice amount to the poor parents....where do these little kids come from? Or do they really come from normal, educated, well-off families, who are only selfish enough to see their child on-screen and brag about it to their neighbours and friends! I don't understand this phenomena at all.......

While I am personally not a fan of the Indian TV serial - I find them utterly useless, senseless and a waste of time (international TV series are a class apart) - one of the main reasons why I am off Indian, and now looks like Bengali TV serials, is the utter cruelty they show towards little kids. Horrible and shameful....

- Debolina Raja Gupta

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja Gupta