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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bengali TV Serial's On-Screen Cruelty Towards Child Characters

As I was flipping through the channels this morning, I came across a really cruel scene in a Bengali TV Channel - the channel is ETV Bangla and the serial is called 'Ranga Mathaye Chiruni', which is a popular kids' poem in Bengali.

While I'm not aware of the entire background, the serial showed a little girl, of about 6-7 years, who stays in a rich man's joint family. Though she calls the man 'baba' (father), she doesn't seem to have a mother. Being in a new environment, the little girl is scared and sad, missing her mother (who I later learnt has recently passed away), and ends up wetting her bed. What follows is a series of events where the children of the house ridicule her and make fun of her, calling her names. I always believe that children can be real cruel. It's true! And then comes the woman of the house - scheming to punish the girl, make her 'show her her place.' She grabs the thin little girl and brings her to the dirty backyard of the house, which is used for washing clothes and is filled with moss and dirt. She throws the girl on the floor and heaps the wet sheet on her, asking her to wash it up herself.

While I understand that TV serials sometimes need to go over the top, it's really a shame that people in the industry have to show cruelty, especially towards kids, in such a literal manner. Constantly pushing the little girl on the floor, throwing her on the dirty floor, grabbing her thin little arms and shaking her up, boxing her ears, scolding at her, shouting at her......what's going on???!! Don't the censors have anything against such crass serials?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Death of A Marriage

Recently I read an article in a daily newspaper about Sonu Nigam's views on marriage, where he said that he never really believes in the institution of marriage, that he feels marriage is one of the biggest reasons of love falling out of your lives, that the happiest couples or people around are not married. According to the article, the singer believes that marriage makes us take relationships for granted, whether we realise it or not, and that is one of the first and biggest mistake that starts the first crack, and gradually the rest crumbles. I do agree.

My marriage isn't dead.


It's walking, it's trying to walk, it's crawling, limping, sometimes up, quite often down, still alive and breathing in gasps and long breaths....but not running and jumping and dancing....It was sometime, but not any more.

Friday, March 8, 2013

From Mommy To Daughter, The Legacy Continues: Happy International Women's Day

Before I begin, let me wish all you lovely ladies out there a very happy, special and empowering Women's Day! Of course we can't really be respecting and appreciating our women only one day a year, but it's not everyday that you specifically take out time to wish each other and tell them that yes, they are truly special and deserve all the attention! So yes, once again, a very happy, special and empowering women's day!!!

So who do I dedicate this special day to? Of course, the 2 most special women in my life - my ma and my daughter. When I was a little girl myself, and through my growing up years, I was the perfect example of what a rebel daughter is like and what I definitely wouldn't want mine to become!!! (oh I can't imagine myself going through all that my poor ma did!!) but I'm sure that's exactly what she will go through too, it's a natural phase after all. Anyways, the point is, that I was totally this crazy, nerdy, rebellious, aggressive, stubborn young girl, doing things my way, believing that I had a special halo around my head that allowed me to break all the rules and create my own, and some of the craziest fights I had during my growing-up years were with ma! But then again, I was always super-loving, super-protective and super-possessive about her, and still am!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Towards 'The' Kumbh!

One of our friends shared this wonderful and accurate journal of traveling on the road towards Kumbh. Of course we had to share it here...Thanks a lot Gautam Trivedi for this word-by-word account!

* (all images for this post have been sourced online)

1:11 PM: We have now hit the NHAI highway. Kishan informs us that we are passing through Badhohi district, famous for Benarasi silk.