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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Serious Aunties Vs. Fun Aunties

Okay, before you start thinking of anything else, I was just talking about how some women, those who have kids or otherwise, suffer this whole life thing with a serious, glum look each day, while some blow away all worries in the wind and live life with full-on fun and energy. I'm definitely the latter types in case you haven't realised it yet....

Well, so I've never been a typical 'mommy' or 'auntie' kind of person, in fact, sometimes I've been so out-n-out childish or free in my attitude that people who don't know me otherwise have mistaken me for being a 'young one' without a kid...just to set the record straight, even those who have kids can be 'young ones' ;-)

So we recently shifted to this new building where we bought us a home and as soon as we moved in, all three of us realised one big thing - that the occupants of the building are really serious - the quiet, sobre, 'decent' types, with no dhamaa-chaukri, no loud music or loud noise, no jumping around and the would I survive????

And going by how everyone behaves, I really started pitying the kids here. I mean, come on!!! Kids and young parents and youngsters have full rights to be loud and boisterous and fun-loving, of course I don't mean they should be rude or inconvenience others, but there has to SOME fun element in life, no?

So it was that a few days back in the evening I was taking a walk downstairs while my daughter tried to make some new tiny friends and started playing..Soon I realised it was going pretty dull, so I invited them all over to our place, just so that they could know where we live and drop in if they wanted to play. That way I would also ensure she got to meet and make some new friends. So the kids came home and my daughter showed them her room and toys and things and then I was taking them back downstairs. I started making faces and behaving like a kiddie with them. And very soon, the kids were having a blast of a time...I don't think they were expecting this of an 'auntie', so they were quite amused and loved it...they started playing with me and jumping in the lift and being loud - just the way 5-year-olds should be....

And as the lift reached the ground level and the door opened, a lady, who was waiting to get in, heard the commotion and immediately closed her ears...'Arrey baba, kitna shor kartey ho tum log. Chalo chalo.' For a second the kids didn't know what to do, they all went quiet. And then, me the auntie said - chalo, lets see who can race first....yoohoo....And with that tiny war cry, my little tribals headed into another frenzy......

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja Gupta