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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Poshvine - Creating Great Food Memories With Amazing Deals!!!

The season of celebrations is here, and one thing we absolutely love doing is eating out, with friends and family, to celebrate the joys and share more magic. But add to that the festival crowd, the long waiting time, the problems of not getting a table, and also the big numbers that come at the end of the meal. Quite a lot to not make it feel that magical, right?

So it was quite interesting when I got a message from PoshVine, as it launches in Mumbai.

The idea for PoshVine's new initiative is that, unforgettable food memories are shaped by the special experiences shared with friends and family. But they're often difficult to find and organise.

Now PoshVine is here to change this. Partnering with some of the best dining destinations and experts from the community, they are here to offer quality foodie experiences for both locals and travelers. From instant reservations with insider benefits at the best dining destinations to pop-up dining, from gourmet safaris to unique masterclasses and awesome hikes guided by passionate people in the community, PoshVine promises to be your personal dining concierge.

So now you have the chance to book at some of the amazing names like Botticino, Pondicherry Cafe, Neel, Kebabs & Curries and many others, and enjoy complimentary Chef's Specials or 20% insider savings on the entire bill. No coupons, vouchers, hassles, and reservation is entirely free!

Also, there are options to explore your city or other destinations through unique Gourmet Strolls, vineyard tours, masterclasses like Cheesecaking and Mixology, unique walks, staycations and many more handpicked experiences.

For most of your activities you will earn PoshVine Reward Points. Invite your friends and for each friend who joins PoshVine, you get 100 PoshVine Reward Points.

Especially for the readers of this blog, if you join Poshvine through this link and use the referral code PVRCSON28 you will automatically get 1000 Reward Points. And for each friend you bring in to PoshVine, you get 1000 Reward Points.

Definitely definitely check this out if you're a foodie guys!!!! I am and am headed there :-)

*This is a PR statement and the author has not yet personally tried this out, but surely will.

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja Gupta