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Friday, October 26, 2012

Destination For Bong Food Lovers In Navi Mumbai

(image courtesy sublime creativity)

Yes yes yes...finally I found it! THE destination for all bong food lovers here in Navi Mumbai (I'm afraid they don't yet have a chain in Mumbai).

Navi Mumbai had the bong chain Pet Pujo, and it was good till the time there wasn't Bong Adda. And once I had a meal here, I completely gave up on Pet Pujo, and even started feeling that the food at Pet Pujo was quite oily and over-done in comparison. Sadly for those who may have liked it, Pet Pujo shut shop quite soon after Bong Adda arrived. Other than Bong Adda, Navi Mumbai does have Iti, another bong-food chain, but its really really bad...and I suggest you don't eat there. 

I've been craving for the typical bong food ever since I moved to Mumbai from Delhi almost 7 years ago (earlier my mum used to still make the bong khaana for me, which I didn't much appreciate then!!) but ever since it came on me to handle the kitchen, I must say I'm pretty handicapped, in the sense that I can cook only a few select bong dishes...others don't turn out the typical bong style, though they turn out quite interesting and yummy ;-)

Now this place I'm all gastronomically in love with is called Bong Adda (how apt!) and its in Sector 15 CBD Belapur Navi Mumbai, near the Aarcee Electronics showroom. Also, this has a 5/5 rating on Burrp!!! So, not only did I tell you about this, but highly recommends this too!

I'm going to come back here with my own favourite dishes of the place and will try and give you a peek into their menu...but yes, for almost anything you've ever had in a bengali kitchen and more (and for those bongs like me who've never lived in bengal and don't know everything on the bong menu) there's lots lots and lots to hog on! And trust me, if you want to show off your roots and impress your non-bong friends, this is the place to go to.....they're gonna love bengali cuisine ;-)

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja Gupta