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Friday, September 7, 2012

Torturing Babies In The Name of Television!

Unbelievable! If you are a regular TV-addict, you've no doubt seen this being played out on television many many times. On Indian Television that is....

Tell me, haven't YOU seen such scenes on Indian television? I don't know about other regional channels (though Im sure they do this as well), but I have seen this cruelty being played out on Hindi as well as Bengali channels time and time again.

A small baby crying, a small baby being scolded, a small baby constantly crying while the characters keep talking/arguing to each other. The little baby keeps looking here and there, waiting for its parents maybe, while the show goes on....Is that it? Is that what Indian television is stooping down to?

One thing I constantly fail to understand is from where do these people bring in these babies? 
Poor Families?
Parents Hungry For Fame?
Own Children?

I earlier used to think these TV channels/shows bring in babies from orphanages...coz I just couldn't believe that a parent would allow for such atrocities. But remember the show where so-called small-time 'celebs' were called in to stay in set-created homes and manage babies???!!!!! And remember how Rakhi Sawant and Juhi Parmar treated the babies!!!

That is when I realised that some parents will go to any length to get that much-crazed about fame, no matter how they need to stoop down to grab it for even a few seconds! I mean, imagine otherwise normal families with sound economic standing and good education, giving away their babies on television to be looked after, cared for and 'maybe loved' by contestants! All the while as you sit at a monitor somewhere and watch your baby lying on the floor and crying out to you!!! Are these people even worthy of being parents? Forget everything and everyone else, don't they for once feel what they will tell their babies when they grow up and ask their parents why they did it?

And these channels and shows, don't these people have babies back home, or are they blind enough to not see the innocence and the need for love in these little one's eyes? Its a shame for Indian Television.

- Debolina Raja Gupta

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ