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Thursday, July 26, 2012

David Beckham And His Collection Of Tattoos

The above pic shows David Beckham posing for a shoot for retail fashion chain H&M. The shoot showed off not only his fab physique, but also his love for tattoos.

 1999: Lower Back - Brooklyn: His first tattoo, done in Gothic script, after the birth of his son Brooklyn

2000: Upper Back - Guardian Angel: The angel was designed to watch over Brooklyn's name a few inches below.

2000: Left Inner Arm, Victoria, Hindi Script: Pledged his devotion to wife Victoria. Considering the English script far too ordinary, he decided to go for the Hindi script.

2002: Upper Back - Romeo: The name of his second son, Romeo, above the guardian angel. The angel's wings had been added in the meanwhile.

2002: Right Inner Arm - Roman Numerals: A tattoo of the number 7, in Roman numbers. This number is special to David as it's his shirt number for Manchester United and England

2003: Right and Left Inner Arms - Roman Lettering: The one below Victoria's name on the left arm says 'So That I Love and Cherish' and the one in the right says 'Spiritual Perfection'

2003: Back of Neck - Winged Cross: It's like a protective talisman over his children

2004: Right Arm - Angel: A month after allegations of his affair with Rebecca Loos, he got a large angel design on his bicep, with the motto: 'In The Face of Adversity'

 2005: Centre of Back - Cruz: Third son Cruz's name below the angel's feet

2006: Right Wrist - Roman Numerals: Following a secret ceremony in 2006, the Beckhams opted for a set of matching tattoos on their wrists. The numerals stand for the date of the ceremony - May 8, 2006

2006: Right Wrist - Pray For Me: First 'Sleeve'

2007: Left Arm - Victoria: A recreation of his favourite Brigitte-Bardot style photo of Victoria. The phrase 'Forever By Your Side' was later added

2008: Left Rib-Cage and Left Arm - Chinese Motif and Second Sleeve: The Chinese motif translates as 'Death and Life have determined appointments. Riches and honour depend upon heaven. To match his right arm, he started colouring in the gaps on his left arm's design

2009: Left Arm - Ring of Roses: David got ten roses around his arm to mark his tenth wedding anniversary

2010: Ribs - Jesus On The Way To The Cross: Paying tribute to his grandfather, on his passing away, with a black and white image of Christ drawn on his side, based on the painting The Man of Sorrows by Catholic artist Matthew R. Brooks

2011: Left Upper Chest - Jesus and Cherubs, Harper: A portrait of Jesus, styled to look like Beckham, being lifted from his tomb by cherubs, said to represent his three sons. He etched daughter Harper's name above the tattoo after she was born

2011: Left Hand - Love & Swallow: The word LOVE has been added next to the first of the two swallow designs - supposedly a symbol of family love and loyalty

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja Gupta