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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Out Of Your Cupboard And Straight To Their Hearts

A few days back one of my friends told me she had been cleaning up her house for Diwali and there was so much 'kachda' (rubbish) coming out of her cupboard that she didn't know what to do with it. I asked her if she was talking about old clothes by any chance.
"Of know, there were sooo many clothes there, clothes I didn't even wear in the last 5-6 years. I had them all this while to motivate myself to get back in shape and wear them someday. But you know how I love to shop. There's no more space in my cupboards to keep the new ones. So I guess Im just gonna throw these old ones away."

I occasionally collect such 'old' things and give them to orphanages or street kids. So I asked her if I could take these away.
"Oh wow, of course. Thanks dear. Now I will feel I have done something good on Diwali, that I have done my part." And she proceeded to put the pile of old clothes in a bag. "Oh, by the way, I have yesterday's leftover food. Actually my husband didn't like the taste..too salty for him, we got a new cook so I'm still training her. Why don't you take the food and give it away too?" She was smiling, thinking about the extra brownie points she would get for her goodness-meter on Diwali.
"No, I think I will let it pass. I'd rather cook something fresh at home and give them." I think she heard the distaste in my voice.
"No, I mean it is a little extra salty, but they are used to all this na (by they she meant the street kids)..And a little extra salty food is better than no food, no?"
Seriously????!!! "No. Thanks for the clothes."

I don't understand this mentality though. And I am glad I don't. what does it take to share a little of what you already have? A little meal prepared at home. Or maybe something to eat you buy from outside and give them. That doesn't mean you can hand down your garbage to 'them', just because they live on the streets. Just because they don't have any better options in life.

Your old clothes, old toys, books, blankets, things that were once used by you but now you use them no more. What's to think what to do with them? There is always an orphanage or a shelter near where you stay. Why can't you simply go there and give it? Or if you find that too difficult to trace, why can't you simply go out there and hand it to the many kids out there on the streets? Ever seen the joy on a little kids' face as he gets a new toy? So what if its already been used for years by your own child? In that little kid's life, it will forever be special...

And the worst are those who keep asking me if they can give me their leftover food for the 'Feed A Kid Every Saturday' thing that I do, and that many have already supported on FB and otherwise. To them, I would just like to say one thing: Would you let your child eat something like that? Something that is stale, too spicy, too salty, or just plain unhealthy? Something that can make a little child fall sick? As it is these little ones on the streets have a lot to deal with. Your making them fall ill is the last thing they need. So please spare them. And PLEASE don't even think of scoring on your so-called goodness-factor by dumping your garbage on someone else.

If you can share some love, go out and do it. Else stay at home.


And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja Gupta