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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Whats Your Limit ??

Just recently I was having a chat with a friend and we ended up talking about the age we got introduced to our first drink. Well, now let me tell you first of all that this friend is a total 'beer-obsessed' dude, and his love for beer is evident all across the social networking sites. So I was a little surprised to know he has 'other' obsessions too ;) of the liquid kind that is... I was not comparing, but was rather surprised when he told me had got to drinks already by the time he was 13 or so....what???!!!!!! 13 ??? And I thought kids that age were really still babies....Compared to that I would look like an old first drink wasn't before I was 21....but thats ok....I more than made up for it later I guess.... Of late I have quit....well, not really 'quit' quit, though that WAS the plan, but yes, I have 'kind of' quit. So earlier if my fun would take me from shots to glass to bottles straight, now its limited to that one or two occasional peg...and its with much a heavy heart that I realised that that was actually my 'capacity'. Two down and I am as good as happy. And top it with a session on the dance floor and no bottles or shots can match my high. My friends though have a different story to tell. Some of them will go on and on and nothing ever happens, they are as good as fresh. Some of them will drink through the night and welcome the dawn, but still nothing will show - no signs of being drunk, not even happy, and forget about any slurry speech...... hmmm.... wonder how people manage that !!!! And the worst two drinks are enough to give me a headache the next morning, while these 'drunks' actually wake up fresh !!!! Not a fair world this.... ****************************************************************************************************** And like I always believe in and say: "Heal the world we live in Save it for our children" - MJ Debolina Raja Gupta