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Monday, September 5, 2011

Vellapanti...what? is that a word? no....just a way of life Im enjoying rite now ;)

I know I know...its been ages and ages and ages I've been away from here. And that is so not allowed of a blogger, isn't it? When you don't show the due love and care to your blog and your friends who drop by, checking out what you write, thinking or talking about it, sharing their views, criticizing you, agreeing with you, and generally, making you feel good that someone somewhere is actually interested in what you're writing..... Well, I did miss coming back to my blog and interacting with you all for such a long time. But well, I was having a kind of a 'break' time. No, not like a post-breakup thingy, or anything remotely close. I meant, a break from schedules, a break from things that I generally do, a break from things that are so much a part of my life. I will confess I was pretty regular on my book blog though, but that too was very slow as compared to how much I read and write and review. If you live in any part of India, especially North India, you will be aware of the term Im gonna use now - vella....Well, you know what I mean....'vella' would actually mean a state of mind and being where you have nothing to do, where you are really 'useless', and that is what I wanted to be for some time now. No work and utterly useless. Of course there were certain things I still had to be being with my daughter for example. But other than that, Iv been pretty 'useless' of late....and I must say I'm loving it. And this 'useless' phase was actually so useful. I ended up doing so many things I generally don't do, or didn't get time to do. I went on a long drive on a Harley Davidson bike to a fog-enveloped hilltop. That was a first and one-of-its-kind experience. I enjoyed the monsoon to the hilt this time, getting drenched at every opportunity, keeping the windows of my car down and soaking in the lovely wet air. I participated in and organised rallies in support of Anna Hazare and in support of the fight against corruption. I campaigned for India Against Corruption. I made many new friends. I deleted most of the 'friends' from my FB page (finally!!!), I celebrated my daughter's birthday at a nearby orphanage. I organised a donation drive for orphans. Im contemplating of getting back to some more studying (though I doubt it will actually happen). I made many new book-friends from all over the world. I got recognition as an international book reviewer. I made friends with authors, people from the publishing industry and media and teamed up to read and talk about their books. I managed to lose some extra kilos that I wanted knocked off and am back to the way I wanted to be (though I am still trying to reduce more...which girl doesn't?). So you see, I've been doing pretty much a lot lately. But yes, I will call all this as a state of being a 'vella', a useless good-for-nothing who does not want to go by the watch, who does not believe in set patterns, who does not want to take the road that has been taken by countless others before and has already been set for me....I want to remain a 'vella' for longer. I want to be out of rules and schedues and inhibitions ... I want to still live free.....And I want to live like this as long as I can be..... **************************************************************************************************** And like I always believe in and say: "Heal the world we live in Save it for our children" - MJ Debolina Raja Gupta