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Friday, September 30, 2011

India's Police Turns Moral Judge: Youngsters harassed by police for 'indecent' dancing in clubs !!

So many things going on in the country and what do I see in the paper today?

In an effort to check the supposed 'indecent' behaviour in the city's pubs and discs, the police has now decided that in case there is still such 'indecent' behaviour going on within these walls, the bouncers of the place will be held responsible and will be charged and arrested !!!!

A few weeks ago police in Mumbai raided a lounge in Malad and took in 31 youngsters on the charge that they were dancing 'indecently' on a Saturday night inside the club!! The police fined them Rs.1200 each for 'indecent' behaviour under the Bombay Police Act before releasing them early morning. The police have justified their actions on 'moral grounds.'

This in a country that calls itself the largest democracy in the world, a country where you are an adult the day you turn '18' and are mature enough to elect your own government, get married and have kids. But one drink and one intimate dance inside the four walls of a throbbing disc and you are charged with being 'indecent.'

I was shocked to see the report in the papers and at the callous attitude of the police. We have all been in clubs and discs, dancing away the night, doing rounds of drinks with friends, getting drunk, behaving exactly the way youngsters should, letting your hair down and having a good time without causing any harm to anyone around or anywhere. After a week of hard work and stress its only natural that you look forward to a chilled-out weekend....and what's wrong if your stress buster is a night of loud music and dancing?

The police have constantly rounded up young couples in the city who have no space to snatch a few private and intimate moments together. What can really be a genuine and beautiful emotion is turned into something dirty and to be ashamed of. Youngsters are constantly harassed by the police in our country on grounds of 'morality'. And if we shake a leg within a dedicated place that is MEANT FOR DANCING, we are again called indecent !!!!

What a shame...when the country is faced with such critical issues of poverty, begging, child and woman abuse, lack of safety of our senior citizens, crime, theft, rapes, animal woes, unemployment, lack of proper education....all our police is doing is rounding up and harassing youngsters who are just out to have a good time on their own...

And like I always believe in and say: "Heal the world we live in Save it for our children" - MJ Debolina Raja Gupta