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Monday, July 4, 2011

Neeraj Grover Justice Denied - Ram Gopal Verma Uses Maria For Yet Another Publicity Stunt

A middle-aged loser, whose name to fame are a few forgotten movies, movies that opened to empty movie halls and helped the viewers fall asleep for a good three hours – a good deed indeed, making the stressed-out public get some rest in the hustle bustle of a busy day.

So now, this middle-aged man with a thick accent and a useless face that disgusts anyone the moment he opens his mouth to make us faint with his verbal diarrhoea, who has now had his share of putting the public to sleep with his movies is out of any more projects, the next step is to get on to subjects that are sure to grab eyeballs and give him instant free publicity.

Now that he has mastered the art of creating horrible and never-to-have-been-made movies, his next way to try and be in the limelight is to resort to cheap publicity stunts.

If you remember the horrific days when the entire nation sat glued to their TV sets, still trying to take in the tragedy brought on by the terrorists in Mumbai, where was Ram Gopal Verma? If you were watching the television then, you would have suddenly sat up and realised that Ramu was one of those along with the then Maharashtra CM VilasRao Deshmukh, who were out on a tour of the Taj hotel to see the damage left behind. The entire nation erupted in disgust and shock as we realised that Ram Gopal Verma was scouting for another eyeball-grabbing stunt to create a movie. This created much public outcry, and RGV was the reason for Vilas Rao Deshmukh stepping down as CM, something that he well deserved for doing something so uncalled-for.

And now, RGV has done it again. Without any regard for the emotions of old grieving parents who will never be able to come out of the shock of losing a strappy young boy with a promising future, and a family that has been left to grive its loss forever, Ram Gopal Verma has not only gone ahead and made a movie based on the gruesome murder of Neeraj Grover, saying it was just a bizzare coincidence that the date of the movie’s first look and the verdict clashed on the same day, he has now opened his verbal diarrhoea again and expressed his desire to cast this murderer b#$%^ Maria Susairaj in his movie. Expressing sympathy towards this killer woman, RGV says that if not for ‘this incidence’, Maria may have well been a movie star by now, and since this was not so, he will try and give her the opportunity now. By the way, ‘this incidence’ happens to be the gruesome planned murder of a young innocent man, chopping up his body into hundreds of pieces, putting it in gunny bags and disposing the parts, and then burning the body parts….but for RGV, this was just another incident that proved to be a hindrant to the aspirations of a useless woman who wanted to be an actress, but ‘ended up being labelled a murderer’ (as mentioned by RGV).

Reacting to the public outcry that came after RGV showed interest in casting Maria in a movie, Ramu said that he fails to understand the reason behind the anger, as his movie is only 'inspired' by the case, and not based on the Neeraj Grover murder. Neeraj's parents are angry and extremely hurt at this blatant use by Ramu of their tragedy to gain fame, the pain of losing their young son will never go away, but what Ramu is doing, that too without any intimation or permission from Neeraj's parents, is what hurts them most. Dismissing the Grover parents' grief as an emotional outburst, Ramu rationalizes, "How can they stop my film when it isn't their son's story? I am interested in the psychology of the case. How could sane sensible seemingly civil law-abiding citizens behave in this way? The two people who actually plotted and carried out the murder seem most incapable of such a heinous act."

And now, following in his dirty footsteps is of course the ‘creative team’ of Bigg Boss, who are planning to cast her in their next at a whopping fee ….. see, this is what a murderer is rewarded with in India. And a justice system that puts the punishment of killing a young man at 03 years.

If you feel Neeraj Grover has been denied justice, visit here and show your support. Neeraj Grover Justice Denied

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja Gupta