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Friday, June 24, 2011

Thanks For Being So Blessed

Its been a while now that I decided to bring our personal habit of feeding street kids home-made food out in the open and urging others to do the same. So I started the group 'Feed A Kid Every Saturday' on FaceBook and must say, the response has been quite good. While many people were upset that I was setting a wrong example by giving food for free to these little ones, others understood my point that these are just little innocent babies out there, and should not be made to 'earn' their basic right of getting clean food once in a while at least, if not more. Thanks to all those who joined and are spreading the word.

Yesterday we visited the mall for some work, of course nowadays, with the mall culture exceptionally 'routine' in Mumbai (I can say for Mumbai coz I am now based here), we visit the mall for every little thing, be it vegetables or fancy shoes and what have you. So there we were, me and hubby checking out the said stuff, when suddenly my daughter (who is just about to be 4 soon) came up with a new Barbie in her hand..My reaction was 'Not again!!' and ditto for hubby. But after many tears and sobbing and crying, we, as always, relented. A mere doll cost us INR 1300/-, just like that.

Today, I was out with my daughter, and as our auto stopped at the red signal, a little cute boy, hardly 03 years old, walked up with a plastic lid in hand, asking for money. His smile was cherubic even as he was matted with dirt and grime from the streets. As he came to my auto, he smiled and looked up at me. I swear I could have picked him up in my arms then and brought him home...I literally wiped the tears away. I sadly didn't have any food on me, so I shook my head. He smiled and went away to ask someone else. I looked at the pavement nearby. There were 06 of them, starting from age 02 to about 06. And a lone undernourished woman. She had a piece of bread in her hand and was breaking it and giving everyone one tiny piece.

I turned and looked at my daughter, who was elder in age to that little one who had just come asking for money with that sweet smile (he of course doesn't even understand what begging is!)....,my daughter - protected, loved, cared for, and made to know that she is precious....thats our blessing.

And as I turned one last time to look at those little ones there, I said to myself...what a horrible world......

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja Gupta