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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Letter To The PM Manmohan Singh By A Common Man

Every time we sit with friends over a cup of tea or drinks, each time we see those poor kids begging at the traffic signals, or the slum dwellers living together with sewage water and shit, or babies playing in dumpyards while their parents work as rag-pickers, there is one thought that mostly comes to our minds - whats happening to India? Where is all the money I am paying as an honest tax-payer? Why isn't the government doing anything with that money to help these poorest of the poor, these wretched of the wretched? Why is it that even after we pay so much as tax-money, we, the common people, still have to think twice, twice again, and again and again, before making any big purchase...Something as simple as getting an expensive hospital treatment, or as precious as buying your own house, becomes a big issue for the common man....But why? And have we ever taken the steps to question those who are responsible for quietly doing away with all this money while we slog it out?

My husband decided it was time someone made it clear to the PM Manmohan Singh that enough is enough, and to let him know that he is completely answerable to us, the common people....Read on...

'The Prime Minister’s Office
Room No 148B
South Block
Raisina Hill
New Delhi – 110001

Dear Prime Minister,
I am the kind of person anyone would miss noticing. I work 12 hours a day and travel 2.5 hours a day to reach office from home and back. Use my credit card to pay bills and pay monthly cheques to clear these accounts. I spend 33% of my salary paying taxes and quietly live my family life. I try to steer away from political problems, dharnas, agitations and go through a city that is full of chamchas doing nothing for the voting public but stuffing the roads and lanes with banners in honour of their seniors.
I try to avoid bribes wherever I can and never use the “shortcut” to getting things done. I also do my service to god by never hurting or troubling any human being.
I want to ask you, after doing all the above, why do I have to go through the pain of seeing my very very hard earned money being swallowed without burping by people of your party ? Why do uneducated criminals who manage to get a seat on the party go scot free after shamelessly asking, accepting and enjoying thousands of crores of rupees? A middle age person in a metro can barely save 20-30% of his salary and takes a decade to incessantly cut expenses to make down payment of a home. When he goes to buy that home, the builder shamelessly asks him to convert his tax paid money into cash and give 50% “black”. Why cant the top 5% tax paying population in Mumbai afford to buy even the bottom 5% priced property? Why do we have to live in disgusting infrastructure, overcrowded filthy streets where politicians enjoy business class travel and the spoils of government allowances?
It has happened 60 years ago and can happen again, only this time we will be cleaning our internal termites instead of foreign rulers.
I suggest you look into this before you see a scenario that the middle east ignored and hence paid a price for it.

Vikram Gupta
A very normal citizen trying to be proud of his country but being let down again and again by people under your leadership.'

* If you wish to send your letter/grievance to the PM, or if you wish to question him on all those million things that he or his party members or people of the government have not done correct, send me a mail at and we will send it to the PM. Share this with as many friends as you can and spread the word...

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja Gupta