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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Finally - A Driving Start To Women's Day

So finally, on this Women's Day, I decided it was time to take my long-thought-of dream to the 'real' level...I joined a Driving School....finally !!!!

My hubby has been after my life for a long time now, telling me I should learn to drive, at least as much as is okay to be able to take the car out on the road if there is a sudden requirement. Well, it was something I always wanted to, but never really made that happen. Instead, we have a driver now who is always around to take us wherever we need. Not that its much help if you want to learn driving, considering you would not get that much-needed boost to go out and learn for yourself.

But I finally got out of my 'lazy-bum' mode and took the pains of going all the way to the driving school....and have managed to do so today for the second day.

The first day was good, not too bad honestly for someone who has never sat in the driver's seat. I learnt all the basics, what checks to make when you take the car out each day, what are the different mechanisms in a car that help you while driving, so on and so forth. I was fully charged up, asking many questions and wanting to know everything. My instructor was a middle-aged man with a soft voice and a smiling face. He soon knew I was a chatterbox and would kill him with my thousand-and-still-counting he was fast enough to let me know that all my questions would be duly covered in the course, and of course,if I had any doubts later, I could always ask then...that shut me up, just for a while though..I was soon back to my questioning-irritating-the-instructor self...

After the initial demo was over, it was time for me to step on the gas pedal, the accelerator, and that I did with great care and happiness, in fact, with too much zeal and happiness I must say. The moment the instructor said 'accelerate', my feet pushed on the pedal and the engine came to life with a thundering 'zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzooooooooooooooooommmm'.....That was THE MOMENT when all hell broke loose for my instructor. The poor fellow could not contain himself anymore. Gone was his smile, in its place, a terrified look...'God, who am I stuck with in this car? What will happen of me when she takes this car on the road and I have to sit next to her?!!!!" Of course he did not say this out loud, but it was all written large over his face..And I must admit I was actually enjoying it.

Then was the time for the stimulator. Computer screens surrounding me like a real vision, and I was sitting at the controls, more like a cockpit....quite interesting..This time the instructor was aware of what was to come. So he told me beforehand to take care of the speed....Man...that was something !!!To go like a tortoise while the whole wide world went past me....hmmm...

On came the foot and out went the instructor's smile, the one that was on till now as I was driving and cruising slowly on the computer screen. Now I was whizzing past all the traffic, much to the terror expressed by the sweat beads on my instructor's forehead. Poor man let me leave five minutes early than was the scheduled time...'Madam, aaj ka ho gaya..aapney itna fast drive kiya ki class jaldi hi khatam ho gayi.." (Mam, today's class is over. You drove so fast that the class got over faster) LOL....

Well, its just the beginning, today being the second day and that too when I am not in a real car yet...lets see what happens next ;)

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

- Debolina Raja Gupta