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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Antilla - The Ambani House Of Shame

For the last few months, the newspapers have been sharing a curious case of show-off....a show-off that should undoubtedly be billed as one of the worst show-off ever......
For the Ambani brothers, Mukesh and Anil, showing off has always been a way of life. What one brother does, the other absolutely has to do better and bigger. If you have splurged X amount of money on completely useless things, I will go ahead and splurge X Y and Z amount...and make sure the whole world knows about it, that I did it better than you....that is the Ambani mantra of so-called fame, which, in more humane terms, amounts to SHAME.

We all know Mukesh has gone ahead and made himself the most expensive residential building in the world - Antilla. For starters, Antilla is situated on a 4,532 square metres (48,780 sq ft) plot at Altamount Road on the famed Cumballa Hill South Mumbai, India, where land prices are upward of US$10,000 per square the maths. What would have been 60 floors in a normal building, has been made into a 27-floor building and has 600 full-time staff to manage the house. Antilla has 3 helipads, 6 floors for parking, a full floor for car maintenance, balconies with gardens , entertainment floor with 50 people seating floor, a refuge floor which would come in use in emergencies, facilities for athletics and a swimming pool, 2 full floors made of glass-front especially for guests of Ambanis. It has been reported in the media to have cost between US$1 billion and $2 billion, making Antilia the most expensive residential building in the world.
After the house was complete, the newspapers reported of the glitzy house-warming party thrown at Antilla, where 80 guests were handpicked from across the globe to come and have a look at this new marvel on the Mumbai horizon. Guests gushed over the ballroom (which they mentioned is second to none in the world), the bandh-gala clad attendants in the elevators who took them to a windy terraced garden that looked out at Mumbai down below...It was an instant success..

Of course brother Anil Ambani has already declared that the world needs to watch out for his new home, which, as is to be expected, should outshine Antilla.

Now just the statistics and a little slice of reality, nothing too important though:

1.While Mumbai has the world's most expensive residential building in the form of Antilla, India continues to have a third of the world's poor.
2.According to a World Bank survey, India falls below the international poverty line of US $1.25 a day (which is approx Rs.21.6 a day in urban areas and Rs. 14.3 in rural areas. Was just wondering what a family of, say, two adults and two children, with a daily income of Rs. 21/14, eat...any ideas? But of course the Ambanis need not bother, they are safely away from all these inconvenient facts, inside their home that costs only about $2 billion, which is about Rs.94,220,000,000..what a looong figure no, especially in front of a plain Rs.14...
3.Mukesh has made his kingdom the most expensive in the world, but India also tops the charts in other spheres. India has 230 million poor people who are undernourished - the highest for any country in the world. More than 1.5 million children are at risk of becoming malnourished because of rising global food prices, with India ranking 94th in the Global Hunger Index of 119 countries.
4.As the Ambani clan continues to grow in width and weight (of course the credit must go to the mouth-watering delicacies prepared in that house of diamonds they are so happily showing off), out in the streets of India, 43% of children under 05 years of age are underweight. So much so, that we have even managed to beat the data of the sub-Saharan Africa's figure of 28%.

Enough of the boring data and figures...I know Mr.Mukesh Ambani will really get bored by the time he reads till here (if he ever does that is), after all, I have failed to mention the dazzling chandelier, the spa, the swimming pool, the luxuries that are spread inside this magic kingdom.

Many nut-heads have tried to justify this splurging by saying he is providing jobs to at least 600 people at his that was the saint-factor that is being used to make it look justifiable? A family with a father, mother and three they really need 600 people to look after them, and, do they really need a house that is 60-floors? Mr. Ambani, give me a really good reason to justify what you have done here...really...take a look at yourself in the mirror, try and revive your conscience once (if it is possible) and talk to it, and then try and come out with a really good answer.....

Till then, keep living in your HOUSE OF SHAME......