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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Un-'Natural' Look ;)

You know was recently in the presence of some wonderful beauty-magicians...those make-up people without whom so many 'dark' secrets (read dark circles) of the glamour world would have otherwise made us 'regular' folk look glamour-world acceptable too ;)

I have always been a fan of clear glowing skin and love to see fresh clean faces in the mags and screen, I feel less make-up always make your features stand out, unlike the notion that the more you highlight your features the more they will look better. Well, everyone to their own view.

Recently I was seeing the deft fingers of one of the ladies work magic on a 'star' face.....well, the lady in question obviously has amazing skin and lovely features. So it was decided that we would go along with her 'natural' look. I settled down comfortable on a chair and waited for the session to get over much time could it take to attain a 'natural' look after all?

Well, just lets say I am still quite naive....and if you are thinking on the same lines, welcome to the naive-souls club...

The first half hour was only to clean up the skin and to give it a smooth even do away with all patchy skin, any signs of pigmentation, any suggestion of uneven skin tone, the first half hour took care of all that...the next part of the hour was used up in defining the features, in giving the skin that glow that I thought came from good food and habits !!!!

Honestly, by the end of the whole episode, which was almost one and a half hours long, I was too bored to death to even appreciate the 'natural' look that was achieved.....

The same night I looked into the mirror and saw a face that had been around for quite some time now.....and somehow, even with all its imperfections and mismatched skin colour I have come to like it.....the little dark circles under the eyes reminded me of the nights I had cuddled my little one in my arms and sat awake till late in the night wile she slept peacefully in my lap...the small spots on the skin reminded me of those trips out in the sun when I have rushed out for a meeting, forgetting to apply that much-vouched-for thing called 'sunscreen.' The little laugh lines that are still too fine for the naked eye at the first instant, remind me of all those joys and happiness that have made me break out in laughter.

Really, I did see the 'natural' look in the morning, but I think I liked the 'natural' look reflected later in the mirror that night :))