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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hoo Haa Over Arundhati Again

Now that the whole nation as well as the world is divided into two sides, against or with Arundhati Roy, it was not much of a surprise that the topic would be the highest discussed in FaceBook as well.

I have never really liked her writing, but that does not mean that I don't have the right to agree with her opinion...I think having one's opinion is still allowed in this country..

So the moment one of my friend's status message read 'I hate Arundhati Roy' it was no surprise that all attention went directly to his profile...and what followed was some hot opinions and emotions running high....

My friend mentioned he hates Arundhati Roy and that she is the perfect example of how democracy and right to freedom of speech can be misused to gain personal fame. Responses started pouring in immediately, with people saying they agree with her, though they may not really like her writing.

Some people have jumped on to the conclusion that Arundhati means Kashmiris are not really a part of India and should be let go. Well, that may be what she implies, yes, but what is so wring with her statement? The tension and fear in Kashmir has been on since forever, as long as I have been born and can remember, Kashmir has always been a disputed land. There are many ways the Indian government could have 'really' done something for them. But a government that only has a big mouth and a hand that only works on corruption, such a government at best is only a crappy stinking shithole of a government, and has no right to promise our Kashmiri brethren that they will still be protected - when they don't even have access to basic human rights.

There was much the Indian government could have done - to begin with, they could have made the Kashmiris a part of mainstream India and provided them with jobs and the means to a better education and a safer and better life....clearly the government of India had no such plans.

Not to mention that the debate on FB attracted international journo as well, and there were many views expressed....But tell me something, if, even after decades of false promises, we cannot do anything for our Kashmiri friends but let them rot on their own, why cant we really set them free? Those who want to choose to be a part of India are welcome with open hearts, those who choose to be part of a separate identity should be given the right to do so.