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Monday, August 16, 2010

Wishing You Independence Day, Still Waiting For The 'Happy' Part Of It......

Wishing you all Independence Day for now,will be 'Happy' one when:

1.we can provide a smile, an education, proper nutritious and fulfilling meals and a safe shelter to all the children... And when we can protect our young ones from those perverts and paedophiles who hide behind the mask of a neighbour, a relative or a friend...
2.we can save and keep intact our flora fauna and earth for our next generations
3.we can get rid of every politician and corrupt person forever and never ever have to face the disgrace called 'corruption'
4.when the people of J&K (and similar affected areas) can again, for a change, remember the meaning of the words 'safe' and 'happy' and know what it means to be the citizens of a free country
5.when humans stop becoming animals and abusing beasts, using and misusing them for their own shameful benefits
6.when India can still manage to save itself from the international debacle called Common Games and hope to get back some respect and dignity in the international circle
7.when the poor dont have to freeze to death in winters while sleeping under trees and on pavements, with just an old newspaper sheet to use as a blanket
8.when women and children dont have to walk barefoot for miles each day just to get one small jug of water
9.when the errant and the spoilt brats learn to respect the value of a human life and dont randomly crush living humans under the wheels of their fancy rides
10.when women in our country truly realise the full meaning of the word 'freedom' - freedom from infanticide, freedom from 'male' pests, freedom from lewd comments and gestures, freedom from groping and touching, freedom to travel on their own without a male to accompany, freedom to walk on the road without the stares and the catcalls, freedom from the fear of a male stalking at a deserted spot, freedom from the demands of in-laws, freedom from the death-trap of dowry, freedom to be married and yet remain a daughter to her parents, freedom to expect the same love and dignity even when she has not produced a baby, freedom to show the world her own identity, freedom for the girl child to demand education and an equal treatment as that of a boy, freedom from all those taboos and superstitions that still bind her growth....

There are still so many points to our freedom clause.....I just wanted to talk of these ones first...but I know you too have your own ones, so please feel free to share the same here......