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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Few TV Sitcoms I Am Watching These Days

Been watching a couple of great TV series on my laptop these last few days. Always find it more interesting and of course, more convenient, when things go as per your beck and no surprise here that I am not as much a fan of TV as I am of a few TV series....

The new one that landed my way is called 'Royal Pains', right now both hubby n me pretty hooked on to it in a big way. The series is about a young ER doctor, Hank Lawson, who, after being wrongly blamed for a rich patient's death, moves to the Hamptons and becomes a concierge doctor, or a 'doctor for hire' for rich and famous patients. Curious and weird cases come up as one after the other interesting and sometimes funny incidents happen that call for his attention. Though Hank is reluctant to have joined such a service which clearly clashes with his regular idea of what a doctor needs to be, he soon begins to love and enjoy the work he is doing.
Currently in its second season.
Main characters are: Dr. Hank Lawson, Evan Lawson, Dr. Jill Casey, Boris, Divya Katdaria

Royal Pains

The TV series by HBO, Entourage, is another one such series that has managed to interest me in recent times. Though it is now in its seventh season, I am still in the earlier seasons. Initially I was not much impressed by the begining, but as I began to watch it regularly, the storyline as well as the characters began to grow on me and I am now quite hooked on to what these guys are up to.
The series is about a young actor Vincent Chase who is slowly making it big in Hollywood. The plot is loosely based on Mark Wahlberg's life, one of the series producers, whose experiences as an up-and-coming film star have been used in the plot.
The series revolves around Vince and his 'entourage' - his best friend Eric fondly called 'E' by the group, who also works as his manager, Vince's elder half-brother Johny 'Drama' Chase, and another of Vince's childhood friend, Turtle. The last in the entourage is Vince's agent Ari Gold.
Watch the series for many special appearances by many Hollywood biggies.

(From L-R) Johny Drama, Turtle, Vince, E, Ari

One series I had really started loving and looking forward to was Joey...Remember Joey from FRIENDS? Once the FRIENDS team split, Matthew LeBlanc had been part of a new series which took his character Joey from FRIENDS to the next level. Many people felt it was a wrong move to start it after FRIENDS, but if seen apart from FRIENDS and not as a connecting series, I think it was going really well. The series was stopped after the first season without any ending, so maybe they will bring it back again sometime.
Main characters are: Joey, Alex, Michael, Gina, Bobbie, Zach