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Friday, August 6, 2010

Birthday Candles - When More Is Beautiful

Last week was my hubby’s birthday. I decided to surprise him by arranging a surprise birthday and all our friends were sweet enough to wait till midnight and then come over to our place with a big birthday cake, all lighted up in the glow of the many candles.

Two days earlier when I was in the shop ordering the cake, the man at the counter had asked me the age of the birthday boy so he could give me those numbered candles, the one that are so in fashion now. I told him specially to give me the simple candles instead. I would put the exact number of candles equivalent to the age and then light them up, the candles spreading the birthday glow. The shopkeeper asked me again if I was sure I didn’t want the numeric ones, and then, after a glance at me shaking my head, proceeded to hand me a small packet filled with pink-and-blue small simple candles.

I remember my own birthday get-togethers, the birthday cake being brought in and everyone stopping whatever it was they were doing, to look at the cake being brought to the table, surrounded by a special birthday glow. And when the birthday boy/girl bent over the candle, the glow would get transported to their face. I remember how excited I would be to see the candles increase each year, I was growing up and slowly getting an entry into the ‘big’ world – it was something to look forward to in all those childhood years.

It’s my daughter’s birthday next week and I have already arranged for the tiny number of candles she needs. She had a numeric one last year, but this time she will have more fun blowing out the simpler ones.

I also realised one thing now. If you go for the numbered ones, all your life you will only have one or two candles to blow….imagine someone having three numbered candles on their birthday…well, you would have to complete a century for that, a very long story there……

So, in complete compliance to the birthday spirit, I will continue to use these simple and regular candles. As the years progress the glow will grow, as will the cheer and the blowing and whistling …