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Thursday, August 12, 2010

As We Push Mother Earth To Her End........

The oil spill that happened in Mumbai now is just another step towards man’s destruction of our home – the abode we call Earth.

I have been to the Uran beach before – it is a beautiful place with clean water, where you could sit with your friends and family, look out at the beautiful ships that sail ashore, the flames from the refinery reaching up to the sky.

I live on a lovely expressway, with the sea spread out in front of my windows, the green carpet of mangroves spreading out right in front of my rooms. The migratory birds are always flying about in the mangroves, we are lucky to never face any flooding or water-logging during the peak Mumbai monsoon months thanks to the mangroves again, and there is always a fresh and cool breeze gushing through the house.

After the oil spill, many things have now begun to change.

The Uran beach that was once blessed with clean and pristine water is now a mess – a garbage dump to be precise. As the containers continue to spill goods from a different continent – tea, coffee, biscuits and many many more things – locals have not spared a minute to snatch the loot. And now, the same people who hauled all the loot are complaining of various problems, caused by the various chemicals. After the media kept flashing videos of the grabbing spree, the authorities have finally issued a warning, asking people to stay away from the beaches for the next few weeks at least. Of course this being India, anyone would hardly give it a serious thought – you see, the ‘sab chalta hai’ attitude is far too strong here in this country.

I pride myself in living in one of the best areas of Mumbai, with one of the best views the city has to offer. Now that may be in an imminent danger. As I tuned in to one news channel yesterday evening, I was shocked and sad at the same time to see the condition of the precious mangroves that are such a natural gift. The Uran beach is very near my place and the oil and chemicals from the spill from the ship has reached the mangroves, resulting in the trees being charred and left as a standing burnt heap of black. I could not believe the picture as the media flashed it on the screen. The huge green belt of mangroves stands quietly in the background, a mute spectator to the destruction, while the entire section of the trees in the front has been charred. As the spill will continue to make its way in, environmentalists have said the entire mangroves will be charred and finished – I don’t want to see that happening ever. As there is no other barrier between our homes and the sea, apart from the mangroves, this will further lead to a massive flooding of the areas situated right next to the mangroves, that is, where I live now.

The fish is already gone – dead by now.
The clean water is gone – black and oily and a floating bed of chemicals and poison.
The trees are gone – charred to death.
The flora and fauna in the mangroves is about to go – dying, or the ones who will be lucky to be alive, fleeting.
The sea and all aquatic creatures are already choked or choking to death – the oil and the plastics and the chemicals all set to kill them.

This is just a tiny picture – less than even one percent of the damage and havoc we all are so serious about creating. We, the human race, have already set out to finish off all that is good about our mother Earth. We have all vowed to make sure not to leave any specimen of nature around for our children and their children – provided the planet will still be there when they are born. We are doing good, the Earth will surely be destroyed, it has already begun, and we are going in the exact direction of extinction, as we have planned for our next generation.

Are we even ashamed of what we are doing? Of course none of us is, coz if we were, we would start doing something about it...

Now the only thing left to be seen is, how much longer will mother Earth be able to bear this pain?