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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spouse As Colleague Too - Good Or Bad ?

I was having a conversation with a friend this morning. She is sort of in the middle of jobs right now, somewhat out of choice. I am enjoying this new 'stay-at-home' status of hers as I get to see more of her this way.

I asked her casually what her plans were about going back to work. She mentioned her husband, who has his own work, wants her to work together. In fact, she told me, he has been building his case for this for the last few days now, so much so that even her parents and in-laws are telling her this is the best thing for her. And she is of course confused.

And so am I. Well, not if this situation was upto me. I am just confused about her situation. For myself, I would never work together with my hubby in the same office. Nothing against it, but just that I like to keep the professional and personal separate.

I found this topic quite interesting, so just wanted to see how many pro's and cons I could come up with about working together with your spouse as a colleague:


1. No more double commuting costs
2. In case you have to miss out on work one day, your spouse can handle the excuses, or maybe even do a check to see if there is something really important that needs your attention.
3. No more worrying about cooking dinner if you are reaching home late and tired. Your spouse is as much tired as you are, plus you won't have to keep the food ready before your spouse enters the door.
4. You may need to be away from office yet get something delivered on an urgent basis. Your spouse can take it for you.
5. You won't have to pretend to be listening to your spouse while you are actually bored listening about what it is that they do at work. If you work in the same organisation you will already have a much better idea than you had before.


1. You will never get to ask 'Darling, how was your day?" if you are in the same department.
2. You will end up discussing work at home and making strategies and plans.
3. You will never get a chance to go out with your friends on your own as your partner too may have the same circle of friends.
4. You will not be able to crib about your spouse / in-laws at the work place. Who knows who has a big mouth ?!!
5. You can never look at that attractive new person who just joined. Your 'office-flirting' days are over ;)
6. You cannot ever give the excuse of falling sick and then heading out with your partner to a romantic destination. After all, no office is dumb enough to believe that both of you will fall sick at the same time.
7. You cannot expect to tag along with your spouse each time they go on work abroad. You may have your own work back in office and the company will be aware of all your doings.
8. Imagine bumping into each other at the coffee machine. It's cute, ok, but then, what if you are discussing some really juicy gossip with your friends? You will have to decide who needs more of your attention then, your spouse or your friends?

This was more or less what came to my mind in the last 5 let me know here if you have some points to share :))