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Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Saviours Our Songs.....

Ever wondered what it is about music that is so magical? And why is it that some songs, no matter how common and popular they are, will always be associated in your mind as 'your' song?

Like the tunes that play on your ipod when you are in the gym, need an energy boost and one touch of your finger brings on the music that makes you run that extra mile on the treadmill.....(remixes, ishq hai jhootha, larl larl buliya)
Or those times when you are down and low, maybe have had a recent spat with your loved one or are going through a difficult phase and that one song seems just so perfect, as if all the pain and emotion you are feeling right now has been poured into the song and you are the protagonist?......(bin tere, tere bin, iktaara, jaaney kya chahey mann baanwra)
Then the songs that will make you get up and dance no matter what, not bothering about the time, place or anything, the moment you hear that one song you just have to shake a leg...Maybe you wont really get up on the table and turn up the heat as you actually wanted, but maybe you will just groove and shake and move your body....(Where's the party tonight from the movie KANK, janaab-e-ali, dhanno, salaam-e-ishq, bandaa ye bindaas hai...)
The goodbye songs....(leaving on a jet plane, kabhi alvida na kehna)
The happy moment songs, the ones that can make you feel happy just by listening to the first note. (dil kya karey by adnan sami from salaam-e-ishq..I think all of you must have smiled at least once when you heard this)
The sleep songs, those night-time favourites, which, despite their heavy and intense music may have the capacity to put you off to zzzzz-land.
The aaawwww-cuddly songs that will almost always make you want to turn and cuddle your little one and pick them up in your arms and kiss and hug...and want to keep them that way for the rest of your lives... (meri duniya tu hi re from the movie Hey Baby)
The tension song
The depression song
The romantic number
The secret excitement song
The scary song
The traveller's song
The new begining song
The festival song
The occasion song
The friends song (this has to be I'll Be there for you from FRIENDS)

Also, added by our reader RPrasad:
patriotic song (like Bharat humko jaan se pyaara hai from Roza)
family song, related to brother, sister, mother, father....

Well there are just too many categories here...And I think each one of us has our special reason and season for a song....

Ever wondered what life would be without song and music?

To all you musicians out there.......
So I say thank you for the music, the songs Im singing,
thanks for all the joy they're bringing.
Who could live without it, I ask in all honesty,
what would life be, without a song or dance what are we,
so I say thank you for the music, for bringing it to me.....