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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mean Can Be Good Too ;)

Good girls go to heaven………..bad girls go everywhere ;)

Well, there has to be a reason for this one, isn’t it?

Okay, so no one ever tells us to be mean, rather good is what we are always supposed to be. But you know what, sometimes being mean can sure be ‘good’ too. Being mean to someone who has been playing the mind-games of late, pissing you off without reason, trying to get their own thing done while pretending to be nice, while all that they are doing is trying to use you and take advantage of you being nice and polite.

There is reason for me to suddenly praise the ‘mean’ streak. Well let me tell you an incident that happened a few days ago.
Lets hear a story.
Once upon a time there was a nice girl. She was always smiling and sweet and polite, never replying back, never raising her voice, respecting elders, listening to people when they loaded her with unwanted advice…..generally, playing the role of Miss Goody Two Shoes to perfection…so much so that some people had even forgotten that she had a mind of her own, a mind, that when provoked too much, could give a fair competition to any mean machine out there.

Now one day she had some guests over who came to live for some time. The history here was that these people had been really nasty to her, treating her with no respect whatsoever, taking her for granted all the time. But since they were family, she had gone along with the image, never once telling them otherwise.

In her little kitchen there stood a fridge, which she had decorated with a few special pictures of her favourite family members. She loved looking at these pictures each time she walked into the kitchen. It made her feel that somehow, these people were always there by her side, just by being there on the fridge

Now when these so-called relatives arrived, from the very next day a strange thing began to happen. Mysteriously, and with a regularity that was actually creepy, each time she came into the kitchen, she saw that somehow, the pictures of her parents and her brother would be on the floor. Only those two pictures each time, and not the ones of these family members who had come to visit (you see, they too had their pictures on the fridge, not so much out of love as out of decorum). And though she understood from the very first moment what was going on, she quietly put back the pictures in its place, without a confrontation, as it would lead to arguing. The pictures had never fallen down ever, only for the time these people were visiting.

For the first two-three days the girl decided it was best to keep putting up the pictures back in their place, maybe they would stop doing their dirty cheap tricks. But when it did not stop, she did just what they were doing.

Now the next time they came into the kitchen, they saw their picture lying on the floor, dirty, with footprints on it. This happened only once and they picked it up and kept it back.

Magically, from then on, there were no more pictures on the floor. The magnets seemed to be working fine from that day on, and the girl never had to pick up another picture off the floor.

Moral of the story: When someone repeatedly takes your goodness as being ‘dumb’ and keeps being mean, just show them what you got. The feeling you will get inside once they get a taste of their own medicine is unmatched.

And for those two of you who read this and know who is being talked of here – if you may, please do something like this again so that I can have the pleasure of being mean all over again ;)