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Monday, July 12, 2010

All You Girls Beware Of This Car

If you spot this car, report to the police immediately: MH 43 AB 5652 WHITE SEDAN WITH TINTED BLACK GLASSES

I live in Navi Mumbai and for the last few months I was hearing about this car, a white sedan with tinted black glasses that follows girls and honks at them at deserted spots on the road. Some female friends told me they had been followed in the afternoon when they were on the road, the driver honking constantly. Some told me the car would stop in front of you and honk. Some incidents were also reported where people mentioned a white sedan with tints that stopped at deserted spots and tried to pull in girls inside the car. In fact 3 or 4 times this happened right outside our building and as soon as the security guards ran to help the car fled.

Recently I was coming home in the morning one day and as it was a cool breezy morning I decided to enjoy the walk. It was 11:30 in the morning and there was traffic on the road. I was walking along, unaware that the sedan had already began to follow me. It was the honking that caught my attention. I turned to see the white car following me at a very slow pace, the person at the wheel honking continuously, trying to get my attention. At first I thought it was someone from my building who spotted me and was going to offer me a lift home. But then I realised if that was so, the person would surely appear at the window and call me. I understood what was going on and decided to ignore the car. I began walking again.

The car followed again, driving very very slowly, honking and honking, coming steadily behind. It was really annoying. For a moment I felt like going back and breaking a window with my umbrella. I would have done it in the past, but now I decided it was not even worth that.

It crossed me and went in front of me and stopped, still honking. As I reached the driver's window I turned to see if someone would show a face that I might recognise. But the window was up and the tints were totally dark. I walked on. And of course he followed.

There was no PCR nearby or any traffic cop either, else I would have reported him there and then.

I spotted an auto and decided it was better to quit the walk then. As I approached the auto the guy in the sedan started a mad honking. I turned to him, showed him the finger and then got in the auto. The car followed me almost till my home. And when I got off and turned to see, it was there in the lane too.

Later that day when I came down again in the afternoon for some work, I saw the same sedan strolling slowly on the lane outside. I realised then that this is the same car about which so many people have mentioned earlier but no one has bothered to officially complain yet.

So now that I know the number, I thought I would share it with all female friends who are in Navi Mumbai so that you can be aware of this menace. And if you spot him, dont waste any time to report him if he harasses you.

Stay Safe...

The details of the car again: MH 43 AB 5652 WHITE SEDAN WITH TINTED BLACK GLASSES

(The pic used in the article is for representational purpose only)