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Monday, June 7, 2010

Together with dad and baby

Here are a few interesting things that papa and baby can do together while mommy dear takes a break :)

1. put on your swimming trunks and hit the pool

2. learn to ride the bicycle

3. head to the nearby book and comic store and grab a few issues

4. watch a favourite movie together

5. have a nice and warm tub bath

6. talk about the days when dad was a baby himself

7. go for a walk in the park and learn about flowers and birds and plants

8. team up with another pair of father-and-child and play a game of snakes and
ladders or any other board game

9. spread a white sheet, get some poster colours and make your own 'together' hand-prints

10.go to the store and buy a surprise gift for mommy ;)

11.set up a tent in the room and furnish it with camping tidbits

12.set up a bird house

13.get a jigsaw puzzle and solve it together

14.go fishing (if you are lucky enough to have a water body nearby)

15.go to a field and play a game of ball (park is the modern version where you can play the same)

16.go for an ice-cream treat day

17.take your beach kit and head for a day at the beach in your child's friends for a special treat by daddy. You can have a pizza / pasta party or a snacks party, depending on what you are comfortable with. CAUTION FOR DADS: Go for this one ONLY,repeat, ONLY if you think you can handle a house full of young kids on your own. For a better and more convenient and safer experience, invite the daddies as well.

19.If you are the father of a son, you can organise a toy-car party at home. Invite your child's friends and ask them to come with their own collection of cars. Ask the fathers to join in as it will be safer to watch over the kids.

20.Turn the temperature of the bedroom to 'COOL', spread out the comforter on the bed, and dive in with your baby. Talk for a while, share a story and then fall off to sleep with your baby in your arms. Have a nice long nap, cuddling beside your soft bundle.