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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Then And Now

I never thought a day would come
When I would admit they were so right,
When all that happened so long back
Would start over in a new day in a new time.

The way he held my hand in his
Her eyes never leaving sight,
I knew they were always somewhere around
I just had to turn back to their smile.

I was small she was my world
And his only world too was me,
They were then my bestest friend
And I knew it was the only way it could be.

Stepping out from the school bus
I would jump right into her arms,
Life was a child, all fairy tales and songs
They were my shield to every and all harms.

Poems turned to songs and words
Then to alphabets and numbers and plays,
New sights new sounds new friends new life
New things every single day.

As the dolls traded places with nail paint n stuff
As the girl grew up one day,
The bestest friends turned to best friends
And slowly from that to ‘Ma, baba, please stay away!’

I thought she wasn’t looking
When on the phone I would spend the night,
I would think he knew nothing about me
But somehow, he was always by my side.

Then one day that girl grew yet again
And a mother she happened to be,
A daughter was born and the cycle began
First it was theirs, now my turn to be.

All those things that my parents did then
That I hardly appreciated, hardly gave a thought,
I know now whatever I do or say
As good a parent like them I am still not.

They were right when they told me then
‘Grow up dear daughter then you will see,
You can tell us now to stay out of your life
But in our heart, forever you will be.’

The picture is same the characters same
Only the faces are what have changed,
For eternity now it’s true what is said
And the greatest blessing, a parent, has been named.

Today when I walk my daughter that way
Holding my little darling in my arms,
I know no matter how grown up she is
I will still shield her from all hurts and harms.

I laughed when you said I would always be a child
That for you a baby I would always remain,
Today I know what you meant then, baba, ma.....
For forever to me a child she too will remain.......