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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Slogging and running and killing myself....aahh the pains of a GYM!!!!

Just back from the gym and boy...what a session !!!! Had rigorously been working out a few months back, well, 'a few' would actually not be enough to define an absence of 08 months from the gym though!! And now am back again...with all the gym stuff ready by my side, the gym shorts n the tee n the running shoes n socks n sipper, everything ready steady to go !!!!

Now that my daughter has started going to school I have made it mandatory for myself to slog it out for atleast 01 hour and a half each morning...Tough as it is for a soul that hasn't ventured in that direction for the last so many months, it sure is invigorating too.....

Working out now I can see the benefits of having a good trainer too. The one we had earlier was too casual..he let us skip our workouts and we were happy with the cheating, realising we were cheating ourselves, but vowing to come back the next day and do the workout in all its entirety...that next day never came.

The new guy we have now is a taskmaster. And I must admit it feels like I am going back to school or something. For starters, I am not used to being told too much of what to do and how to do. I am pretty much the master of my own will. And that is all shattered in the gym these days. If I am lethargic, I can be sure to have a barrage of shouts in my ear. My veins and arteries might be all ready to burst out of my body any moment, but he hardly cares....And as I lie down to do those crunches that have killed me a million times already in the past week itself, I hope to close my eyes for a sec and to rest my back and to comfort those crying legs, but my dreams are soon shattered with shouts of "START RIGHT NOW....NOWWWWW!!!!!" And thus ends my 01 second of dreaming.

Not to mention that I have to do everything from scratch each day. The first day he told me to do 'skipping' as long as I could. And the best excuse I had was 'I will do it at home' :) I was happy I was managing to fool him like the earlier guy. But how was I to know he was already equipped to handle such ignorant fools like me?
"Yes, I know, everyone does it at home...And I am sure you also do. But you will have to do it here too. RIGHT NOW!" That was the end of my pathetic excuse.
Then came the crunches.....OH NO !!! I can never even begin to think what Kareena Kapoor must have done to become the way she is now...Of course I can always console myself by saying that she went under the knife....but seriously...How can someone do so many crunches and still be alive and well to enjoy life? I am still wondering...

After so many sets of those crunches came a new set of crunches...and then another set where I had to twist my body to weird angles...And the only thing the trainer could ask me was 'Do you feel the pressure in your body?' OF COURSE I felt the pressure of my aching veins and body, what was he thinking?
Then the stepper and the cycling and the treadmill..I am doing 3 kms each day at the moment, hope to get to 5 kms some day too, lets see..
Then two more sets of stretching my arms and calves....And not to mention the workouts Im doing for the triceps too..... Oh!!! My dead days are here...

Well I am NOT at all aiming to be one of those super-waif models....And who am I kidding? Even if I aim I know I can never be.... But I believe if I carry on like this, someday, maybe some wonderful day, I will stand on the weighing machine with my head held high...and the machine will actually look back at me with the reading of a friend....till then my friends....the battle is on.