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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nobody and Yesbody

My daughter and I were sitting on the bed, me with a cup of tea in my hand, going through the newspaper, she busy with her many crayons and sketch pens scattered on the bed, the colouring book lying lifelessly on the floor, her dolls buried under the comforter. It was pouring heavily outside and I had closed the windows, but the occasional roar of the thunders still managed to come in now and then. At one such stage, when I was busy with a particularly interesting story in the paper, there was a huge thunderclap outside.
My daughter, who is yet to be three, is scared of thunders (and so am I but thats a secret). As soon as she heard the clouds she thought it was some monster outside and she asked me who it was. As I was too busy with the article I replied with a casual 'nobody.'
For a minute that seemed to satisfy her. But then her curiosity got the better of her.
'And?" she asked.
'And what?' I asked, without looking up from the paper, trying to keep her occupied with my monosyllables.
'Nobody and?'
'Nobody' I repeated.
'Nobody and?' she repeated as well.
I left the paper for a moment and looked at her.
She was sitting with a big question mark on her face, her wide eyes looking at me, waiting for the answer that I could see she had already formed in her head.
'And what baby?' I asked.
Asking her the same question she had asked had, on many previous occasions, brought out the answer itself.
'Nobody and Yesbody' she said with a smile, an achievement that she had managed to state what mommy had obviously not had the brains to realise :)

I couldn't help laughing then. I forgot all about the paper and my cup of tea and picked her up in my arms and gobbled her cheeks for a while, to which she rewarded me with those giggles.

Of course, how could I not have seen something so simple and yet obvious as only a baby can see? If there is a NO Body, there has to be a YES Body too !!! Just like there is a good and bad, a yes and no, a big and small...

In participating in the many rat races and following the survival rules in the concrete jungle, we have forgotten the basic simplicity that was inherent in all of us at one time. Thank god our little ones are there to remind us how simple and yet wonderful life can be......If only we could make our lives so simple as our little ones see it.....

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