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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Link That Conncects You and The Ant

So what is common between you and the ant? Yes, right, that little tiny creature that is always there but hardly there, unless of course you step on it accidentally and get a bite that is gonna sting for a couple of seconds...What is common between that tiny being and you?

Please spare me the trouble of correcting you and do not use words like 'hard-working' 'perseverance' 'determined' 'strong-willed' 'team-player' 'focused' and all that...No, if these are the words you are looking for then you are headed in a completely wrong direction.

Do you see the picture above? Do you know what this is? Maybe you guessed it maybe you didn't, so i am here to help. This, my dear friends, is a hot and spicy, fresh off the gas bowl of MAGGI....Ya right, that yummy delicious bowl we've been having ever since we were kids..whether on a rainy day or on a sunny afternoon, in the school lunch box, the college canteen, or maybe after a long and tiring day at work, with friends, or ignoring the scolding of ma and still preferring it over lunch or dinner....we have ALL had Maggi at some time or the other and have been in love with it too :)

And now I see the ants in my place too have discovered this un-putdownable delicacy...Can you believe it, even when the shelves are stacked with cookies and munchies and wafers and all, they hardly go that direction anymore!!! All sweets in our house are safe..The one thing that is sooooo in danger of continuous assault is MAGGI :( And these ants spare no minute...The moment I bring in a new stock of MAGGI and keep it on the shelf, they are all ready with their team, making tiny microscopic holes in the packet and getting in, sitting there comfortably and enjoying a feast !!!!

I knew MAGGI was really popular, but I never knew it would come to this level of popularity one day !!!!