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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Innocent Till Proven Guilty And Not The Other Way Please

Its sad how life can change with one wrong move. Something as simple as falling in love and getting to know a person can change things forever. Your life that was so wonderful and planned and organised and happening suddenly becomes the talk of the town, not in ways that you would have wanted, but instead, held out there in the open for all to see and comment. And the worst is that the media ALWAYS cleverly forgets to mention the better and more human side of the person.

All this talk that has begun after model Viveka Babajee committed suicide and the suicide note was found in her apartment, naming a certain mysterious 'Gautam' as the reason behind this step. The media went into hyper-active mode to find out who this 'Gautam' chap is, what happened between the two, how long they had been dating and how was he responsible for causing her death?

The newspaper today carried Gautam's picture and that was when I realised who this 'Gautam' is. I read the article in detail, seeing what they had to write about him. And as expected, all they had to talk about was his partying lifestyle, his desire to 'be seen in the company of influential people' and all those things that would make it sound as if he is just another 'Page 3' types. But that does not define what he is.

They mentioned it had been only a month they had known each other, that they had met at a party in Goa recently and had grown closer, that Viveka was already planning marriage but Gautam was not ready to commit yet. And the tabloid spared no print to imply it was this lack of commitment that drove her to take the extreme step.

Well, it might all sound sensational and sad in print, but tell me, how many of us have had a relationship in real life and committed to marry the person within a month of meeting that 'person.' And if you have a fight with your partner in a relationship and that person ends up taking his / her own life, why should the blame fall on you? The media has done again what it always does with high-profile suicide cases. It has again dragged the name of the man who was in the relationship, putting his name on the front, naming him the one responsible for all that happened, assassinating his character, making him seem like an irresponsible and reckless fun loving guy.

But that is NOT how Gautam is.

For all their details, the media forgot to present that side of the guy who only those who have interacted with him on a personal level will know. At first glance he seems chilled out and casual, someone who loves the pleasures and luxuries of life, someone who is comfortable in his skin.

But he has more to him than just good looks and good dressing sense. I know that side, I have seen how soft-spoken and well-mannered he is, how caring and attentive he is towards children and their needs, how he has a fun personality and a keen eye for nature, what a wonderful artist he is and how well he captures life in reel, how hard working and dedicated he is in work and how he is managing a company at such an young age, a company that knows how to care for its employees and that is doing great in its field. Of course he may have his temper and his bad days and his grumpy moods, but that is something that is common to all of us, isnt it? So how is it fair to start writing off someone even before the public is given a chance to know this man?


There is too much bad print out there and too much hype and attention. But all I can say is that I cannot believe that Gautam is to be held responsible for what happened here. I have nothing to comment on who is to be blamed and whose fault it was. All I can say is that please remember that a person is 'INNOCENT TILL PROVEN GUILTY' and NOT 'guilty till proven innocent', as our media always makes it to be.

Gautam....of course you will not be sitting and reading at this moment, you already have a lot on your plate, but still, all the very best for everything....