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Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Daughter's first Father's Day

Let me begin this by saying a Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers in every part of the world. Yes, I know being a father, and sharing the joys and responsibilities that come attached with it, aren’t just restricted to this one day in the year. But let’s just take the opportunity to tell all you amazing men out there how much of an idol you really are to your kids.

My daughter is too young to understand what Father’s Day means. But since she has just begun school, she was helped to make a card for her father by her teacher.

She came home a day before Father’s Day and told me excitedly there was a card in her school bag. ‘Baby made card” she said, ‘baby’ being herself. I took a look at the little card, it was a flower she had made using her tiny finger prints. I knew how special it was for her, and how much it would mean to the person for whom it was made. We kept it safely, away from any chances of being torn by the same hands that had made it, a desperate attempt made to keep it in piece till ‘dad’ returned home from work in the evening. When that evening she handed him the card with a big smile on her face and repeated Happy Father’s Day Papa, just as I had told her to, I could see all the tiredness of the day vanishing from my husband’s face. It was his first Father’s Day card ever, after all.

On Father’s Day I went and got a cake and a bouquet for the ‘father’ on my little daughter’s behalf. My daughter had been asking me for a cake for the last few days and this would solve the purpose of making both of them happy. Once the cake was sneaked in the door and quietly placed on the table, my daughter came hopping around. ‘CAKE!’ she shrieked with joy on seeing the thick chocolate slab on the table. I sat her down on my lap and explained to her that today was Father’s Day and that the cake was for her Father. ‘And?’ she asked, waiting for me to tell her that the cake was also for her. ‘And for you’ I smiled. That made her happy and content. So we waited for papa to come into the room. My daughter didn’t realize what all this was supposed to mean, but in her own little way she understood that this was something special and something fun, something that involved her papa and a cake and flowers and lots of hugs and kisses. She was already enjoying.

So when her papa finally saw the cake she knew it was now time to cut the cake and gobble it up. She promptly got up on a chair, waiting to get the chance to jump in. I told her to wish her father and to give him a big hug. As soon as the required hug was given, she turned back to the table, all attentions promptly on the cake. She never lost track of her objective for one minute.

Thus was celebrated the first Father’s Day in the life of my little one and her father. She was too young to understand most of it and will of course not have any memories of this day once she grows up, but I know my hubby will remember this day for the rest of his life, as will I, with each moment of this special day of bonding etched firmly in my heart and my mind.

And also, as I am enjoying this lovely moment, let me wish my father a very happy Father’s Day too. For being there with me always, for seeing me grow up and making sure that I grow up into a good human being first of all. To baba, with love, happy father’s day…….