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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eye-Spy the Bandra Resident Way....

Well, as if we did not have enough moral police already in the country, now there is a new brigade of these moral police who have taken all this 'moralising' talk a little too far.

As part of an initiative by the Advance Locality Management (ALM), an amalgamation of 38 housing societies in Bandra, private residents are now going to monitor the 'conduct' of people who choose to visit the Bandra Bandstand and the nearby areas. The 7 CCTV cameras have been installed on the famous road that is home to some of the biggest names in B-town, the first begining at Galaxy Apartments that is home to The King Khan Salman and ending at Mannat, SRK's abode.

But what is shocking is that none of the footage will be monitored by the cops, but instead by local residents, who have now taken it upon themselves to rid the place of couples who indulge in 'indecent' behaviour. Says Archana Sharma, president of the association - 'The idea is to make the area more secure and liveable. We want to help prevent crimes and also to make sure that couples sit in the area decently rather than in an absurd manner that is embarrassing for other people."

Mumbaikars have not taken to the initiative in a good way and many of them feel it is a complete disregard for lack of privacy. If cops do their work vigilantly and keep a strict watch on the roads it is more than enough to make the roads and streets safe. As far as the conduct of couples is regarded, if the police keeps a regular watch on the 'love' areas, it is possible to make sure that no vulgarity or indecency is taking place in a public place.

No matter how decent or concerned the residents are, there is no guarantee that these footage cannot be misused. Who is to know if those keeping a tab on decency turn voyeurs themselves? Putting up cameras in malls, hotels, airports, banks, hospitals, theatres and all other public places is of course something that should be done immediately and manned by cops. But putting it up on the road and monitoring any one who happens to be there, that too monitored by someone who does not have any authority to do so is simply NOT DONE !!!! I mean, if I go to Bandstand with my family or friends, why would I agree to someone sitting inside their room and looking at the tape that shows what we are doing out there? Who is that someone anyway???

An extremely wrong move.......and once again a blow to all the young ones who are in love in this city that is becoming more rule-inflicted each day....